Garden relaxation area: selection and organization

Garden relaxation area: selection and organization

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With the beginning of the warm season, we are increasingly visiting the country house, where you can not only work hard for the benefit of the original landscape design and the future harvest, but also have a good rest in the company of friends and relatives. But, for the latter we need to qualitatively equip a special recreation area.

A good rest in the country is the key to effective work, because only having a good rest, a person gathers strength and is ready for the birth of new ideas for arranging the territory. Also, rest can be considered a great incentive, because hot evening barbecue and soft drinks in good company is the best reason to finish work faster. Such an opinion is inherent in almost every summer resident who sees in his allotment not only the standard six hundredths of black soil, but also a beautiful landscape, harmony with nature, fresh air, a cool breeze or the warm rays of the midday sun. And, as you understand, thanks to this, it all comes down to one thing - it’s time to start building a quality recreation area in the garden or another secluded corner of your summer residence.

What could be a recreation area in the country

In the modern world, people practically do not equal ideological standards, and do not try to do everything like their neighbor, because it is cheap and cheerful. On the contrary, we want something original, exclusive and completely individual, and therefore, it is almost impossible to meet the same recreation areas in different cottages, because each summer resident brings a certain twist to it. And, this is really good, since we all get a special place, which is furnished and equipped in accordance with our own requirements, desires and fantasies.

At the moment, there are many options that can be taken as a basis, equipping a place to relax in the country. And, although some of the criteria for its creation will be standard, but the individual decor, decoration and accessories, the very atmosphere and harmony will be yours personally.

Summerhouse in the country

The gazebo is a great place to relax, it is a separate area, which has a clear purpose. The gazebo needs no explanation and each of us perfectly understands why it is necessary in the country. Our grandparents wait in the arbors for midday sunshine before continuing to work. We use the gazebo for evening gatherings with friends or a romantic dinner in the countryside. Our children just play it, sweeping around tables and benches. In short, the gazebo in any country is in demand, and it is precisely this that is the classic vacation spot, which is the most popular.

If you choose the equipment of a recreation area in the garden in the form of a gazebo, you should know a few basic requirements that will ensure its usefulness and comfort:

  • The arbor in the country should be capital. It is this design that helps to ensure calm and tranquility during the rest;
  • The gazebo should be located at a distance from visual contact with passers-by or passing along the street. Do not give a reason for gossip or discussion to everyone you meet. Ideally, the gazebo will look in the garden, behind the main buildings;
  • Try to choose the right place to organize such a recreation area: on a plain or hill, in partial shade or in the shade of trees, not far from buildings, so that you do not feel constant drafts on yourself. It is also possible to immediately consider the construction of a gazebo and barbecue or a special oven so that you do not have to make long hiking trips to the country during the holidays.

Garden picnic area

At first glance it seems that such a resting place in the country can be equipped very simply, for example, laying a blanket on the grass, and, in part, this is correct. But not every person who likes to rest in the shade of a young or vice versa, branchy garden has the same grass on the lawn, and therefore, we will not make hasty conclusions, but we will make every effort to arrange a recreation area in the garden in the best possible way .

Initially, you need to choose a place in the country, where it will be most convenient to relax. Here you must give in to your own preferences - the shade of trees, a place purged by a warm summer breeze, or even a plain in the sun. But, based on common truths, the best place for a pleasant pastime is:

  • Quiet and calm place, where street noise and dust of roads will not reach;
  • It will be most correct to organize your vacation in partial shade or shade, since a warm sun is, of course, good, but heat stroke in the midst of rest has not benefited anyone;
  • Further, having decided on a place, you should bring it as close as possible to amenities and comfort. Of course, the romantic atmosphere on the bedspread, near the basket with wine and cheese is a great idea, but you should be closer to civilization, whatever they say. Therefore, we stock up on comfortable garden furniture, buy a portable barbecue and other accessories for cooking in the fresh air, perhaps even organize a canopy in the garden or just a few large umbrellas that will protect you from headaches and sunburn.

Patio in the country

Naturally, the patio is not a relaxation area in the garden, but it’s quite possible that it is near the garden. At least, a person who decides to make such an extension to his house or cottage has long taken care of organizing a beautiful garden and flowers around, a vertical garden or just a considerable amount of various decorative vegetation that will decorate the landscape and brighten up leisure time.

The organization of a place of rest on the patio seems to be the wrong question, since the patio is the very place where you can not only have breakfast with coffee and croissants, drink cool water for lunch and dine in your favorite company, but also a place for full-fledged walks. Yes, that's right, because it is a considerable territory where anniversaries are often celebrated, various meetings and dates are celebrated. Exactly so, but, it is only if the patio is ready, and what to do if it is not? It does not matter, you can always organize. But, do not quickly catch fire, as this is a capital construction and it costs money, this is in case the budget is fixed. If everything is in order with finances, and you are ready to invest for a great vacation, then you can start organizing. We cannot talk in detail about the construction of the patio and its proper planning, since this is a completely different topic, but here you can talk about the arrangement itself:

  • The patio must be located at the end or edge of the summer cottage, where only you will suspect its existence. Usually, a lot of valuable things are left in the patio, and if your cottage was not visited by thieves, then you should not give them a reason to visit you;
  • Further, the patio is necessarily a fenced area, such a small state, which, as it were, is independent, but almost always goes in conjunction with the main building. Therefore, the next rule can be called the construction of such a recreation area in the country next to the house;
  • The next step is the roof of the area. The patio can be open, but at least half of it should be covered. Often, this is a hard roof (not a canopy or tarpaulin), which “grows together” with the main summer house;
  • And, the last thing to say about the patio is an independent recreation area, almost a summer house, which can contain not only wicker or plastic furniture for relaxing, but also upholstered furniture for sleeping, cabinets and small cupboards for dishes and services, and so on. Further.

As you can see, the recreation area in the garden or on the lawn does not require special organization, unless you approach the issue globally. You can always sit under a canopy or wait out the heat in the house, dine on old furniture or have a barbecue in the garden, on benches and a table brought under the trees. But, each of our readers already knows about this, our task is to help those people who think more globally and often get the idea quickly, efficiently and not very expensive to change something in the country for the better, for example, even about what we say, organize a recreation area in the country.

A relaxation area in the garden or in another corner of the summer cottage that is convenient for you is a need to take care of which is desirable in the near future. Having spent a little time and money on organizing such a place, you will provide yourself with the opportunity to relax in comfort and tranquility for many years.

So, let’s summarize, but we’ll make it expanded so that even beginners of the summer cottage business, who are not used to resting, like us:

  • Choosing a place for a recreation area. First of all, this place should be convenient for you - away from the road and the entrance to the country house, closer to the shade of the garden and the aromas of plants, on green grass or near a pond. The recreation area should not be completely in the shade or in the open sun, should not be blown by constant drafts;
  • Organization of a recreation area in the garden. Naturally, we have already said that this may not be a garden, but a territory adjacent to the house or an independent building in general, but its correct organization is still necessary. What will be under your feet and above your head, that is, the “floor” and “ceiling” are very important. Also, you can take care of the walls or convenient fences. If in order, then it’s something like this (but only approximately in a single case) - a solid canopy (a canopy of special material, ondulin, polycarbonate and so on), a hard surface under your feet or grass (the main thing is that water and dirt do not collect) , convenient decorative fence (tyn, a small wooden fence, massive masonry, etc.);
  • Now a little about furniture. Wherever you are going to spend your free time, and no matter how it is organized, you need to minimize energy costs - running around the cottage, searching for dishes, carrying furniture, barbecue, and so on. Therefore, everything you need should be concentrated in the place where you have a recreation area. In the garden, behind a house or under a canopy, this is not particularly important, the main thing is convenience and practicality. Speaking of furniture, you can recommend you plastic furniture, as it is high-quality and durable, or the classic wooden version. Here we are not a decree, we only advise, but here is the complete set, please, listen. Select the obligatory and the optional yourself, but consider the complete list: tables, chairs, footrests, benches for relaxing (cabinet furniture is also possible if this is a patio), rocking chairs, portable (grocery) tables, cupboards with dishes, tables for cooking, as well as many accessories that will enhance the convenience of using the relaxation area in the garden or anywhere else in your summer cottage.

Well, we won’t talk about decor, small accessories and other things, because every person who has chosen a particular option for arranging a place to relax, understands very well how he will be pleased to decorate this space. Simply, once again we want to advise you to do everything not only on time, but at once - you’ve done so, finish it, otherwise the unfinished arbor or canopy for the picnic area can stand up to next year ... but you must admit, it’s much more interesting to relax in such a zone right now.

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