How to choose rose seedlings: expert advice

How to choose rose seedlings: expert advice

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Rose bushes are a wonderful decoration of a summer residence, and hardly anyone will argue with this. But in order to grow beautiful flowers on your own site, you will need some knowledge, free time for planting and care, and most importantly - these are high quality rose seedlings.

What depends on the quality of the seedlings

And indeed, a lot, if not all, depends on the quality of planting material. If it is strong and persistent, and also matches the variety you have chosen according to certain criteria, then you can grow ideal rose bushes. If you get on seedlings of poor quality or those that do not fit under the soil, climate and other conditions of detention, then do not expect a good result. Therefore, we recommend paying special attention to rose plants.

How to choose the right seedlings of roses

How to choose rose seedlings

This issue is relevant for every summer resident who has a desire to plant roses in the garden. But, it can only be answered by professionals who are directly related to the sale of seedlings, or gardeners, whose experience in growing roses allows us to draw some conclusions.

We have gathered the most correct tips here:

  • Initially, it is required to select a variety and determine its compliance with growing conditions. Further, it is imperative to find out which groups the selected varieties belong to, what their characteristics are (growth, bushiness, beginning and duration of flowering, repetition of flowering, and so on). Believe me, this is very important, especially if you are just starting to grow roses in the country;
  • On sale can be grafted seedlings, as well as on their own roots. You need to find out from the consultants exactly what type of selected seedlings are grafted (can be grown in soil or for cultivation in greenhouses, greenhouses) and do not forget to ask about the age of the young plant;
  • Specialists recommend buying seedlings young, no more than 2-3 years old. It is they who are grafted correctly and on time, have high vitality and winter hardiness, which means that they take root well during planting;
  • If you choose seedlings on your own roots, you should know that they are weaker in development. An example would be any two-year-old seedling that is nearly identical to a one-year-old grafted seedling. Such plants take root for quite a long time and build up the root system, and therefore often die in the first frosts. But, you can always save rose seedlings, if you provide them with decent care. When choosing roses on your own roots, do not be upset, as they have a number of advantages. One of them can rightfully be considered the almost complete exclusion of excess branching, as well as active root shoots, which are constantly present in grafted roses and cause a lot of inconvenience;
  • If you buy seedlings of roses with bare roots, then you need to pay attention to the quality and age of the stems, several of them must be completely woody. The rest of the stems should be fresh-looking, green, uniform, but in no case wrinkled, as this indicates the drying of the seedling or some possible diseases;
  • Help determine the quality of seedlings of roses and other external factors: the seedlings are healthy, always without spotting, with well-developed roots, stems and leaves that do not seem sick. It is advisable to examine the kidneys of the plant, which should be at rest;
  • Saplings with exposed roots are disinfected. You can do this with the help of old grandfather's methods - a solution of foundationazole (1 tablespoon per bucket of water) or a solution of copper sulfate (30 g per bucket of water);
  • If you bought seedlings, but there is a long transportation ahead of the planting, try to create good conditions for the plants (this can also be done if, for some reason, planting roses is postponed): the roots can be dipped in water or wrapped with wet rags, shoots wrap in wet paper, and in general, all seedlings, put in polyethylene. In this condition, they will be able to live another 5-7 days without damage to health.

Video about seedlings of roses

These are just some of the tips that present general concepts about buying quality rose seedlings, but we recommend that you also consult with sellers who know their product best.

It’s also good to carefully study the reviews about the company from which you intend to purchase planting material.

Agree, after all, the lively opinion of people who comment on the quality of seedlings, the work of sellers and customer service in general is the best way to understand whether it is worth buying rose seedlings here for your garden.

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