Metal fences for summer cottages: types and advantages

Metal fences for summer cottages: types and advantages

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Metal fences for summer cottages are considered the most popular and in demand. This is true, because you just have to look at the land around, how you can immediately confirm this judgment. The reason for this is the reasonable price for such products, the positive characteristics of the material, the practicality and durability of the products.

What else are good metal fencing, and what are their disadvantages? We will try to answer this question right now.

Metal picket fence

The advantages of metal fences

When choosing metal fences, people are guided by the following list of advantages:

  • Reliability and durability. The design practically does not give in to deformation, it is not afraid of mechanical damage (their absolute majority), the material stably tolerates various weather conditions, it is difficult to demolish, pressure, shock impacts;
  • Durability. High quality material, proper installation, as well as timely care, can ensure a high product life;
  • Increased security. A metal fence can be considered impregnable. Of course, if this is a meter-long fence made of metal picket fence or a chain-link in the corner, then it will be easy to get around the barrier, but if it is a high and massive fence made of rods, and even without crossbars, then it will be difficult for the most experienced attacker to get over it;
  • Easy care. The metal fence will last you a long time, you only need to systematically treat its surface with special anti-corrosion agents, clean it from possible rust and paint. No more construction maintenance is needed;
  • Wide range of products. At the moment, on the market you can find welded metal sectional fences, from corrugated board, inexpensive sections in the corner, prestigious forged fences, as well as a huge list of other offers, among which you can always choose a decent and safe option for a summer house or other land allotment ;
  • The cost of metal fences. This item assumes a large amplitude, since the price of fencing directly depends on the quality of the material, the volume of work on the manufacture of the fence, the status of the company, the individuality and urgency of the order. If we talk about finished products, then on the market you can find inexpensive metal fences, especially stagnant models. This does not mean that they will certainly be defective and of poor quality, just often companies produce goods in reserve (for the trading season), and when they are not sold on time, they are put up at a bargain price.

Installation of a metal fence for a summer residence

Types of metal fences

Now, after studying the benefits, we need to determine the type of metal fence that we will install in our country house.

Forged Metal Fences

Of course, it’s worth starting with the most pleasant. Forged designs have always been elite and prestigious, especially, recently, when these decorative products became even more original and exclusive. Such fences have a huge list of positive aspects that we have already disclosed in our previous articles. Therefore, if you want to install just such an option at the cottage, then we even envy you a little.

Welded constructions

This option is the most optimal for the mass buyer, primarily because of the price and quality, which are fully consistent. The production of metal fencing of this type comes from pre-prepared and treated metal sections with anti-corrosion agents. The method provides the structures with the same qualities that most forged fences are endowed with, but welded ones are much cheaper.

Despite the reasonable price, the quality remains quite high, and not only the quality of materials and assembly, but also external indicators. Modern craftsmen are able to perform almost any metal drawing, pattern and decor that even the most demanding customer will like. In addition, welded structures can always be combined with some forging elements, thereby increasing the aesthetics and originality of products.

Sheet Metal Fences

Often, metal fences from corrugated board and corrugated sheet are used to enclose summer cottages. They provide the greatest way, so to speak, the confidentiality of everything that happens in the country. This is only the first advantage of this type of fencing, because ahead is resistance to mechanical damage, a wide selection of types and colors of products, as well as the possibility of combining with other materials: brick, concrete, metal, forging and so on.

Sectional metal fences

The simplest and most inexpensive fences that can be installed in the country. They provide maximum visibility, illuminance of the site, as well as limited access to the territory of small animals, such as dogs, cats, chickens and ducks from neighboring summer cottages. Sectional metal fencing, the price of which is available to absolutely every customer, also has other advantages: strength, durability and ease of maintenance.

Decorative designs

We have examined decorative options in detail in previous publications, so we will not focus on them in this article. We recall only the fact that they are very expensive, but as much as possible meet their price and customer requirements, in particular this applies to forging and art forging fences in combination with brick or stone.

After reading this material, only you can choose which option to buy to limit access and ensure the security of the summer cottage. But, before making a purchase, be sure to think about installation as well, since installation can take away not only a lot of your time, but also a significant part of the budget.

Of course, you can always try to install a metal fence with your own hands, but remember that for this you will need to not only learn the theory, but also practice and be patient, with the necessary tools, and possibly enlist the help of special equipment.

What do the fences set on?

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