Shod fences for giving: types and advantages

Shod fences for giving: types and advantages

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Of course, forged fences for summer cottages are one of the best ways to fence the territory. In addition, this is a rather expensive and beautiful accessory that will not only surprise the neighbors, but, possibly, good envy. A high-quality fence will clearly emphasize the overall style, will merge into the external design of a summer residence or estate, and also protect the territory.

The advantages of forged fences

Naturally, forged fences and barriers have a whole list of unique advantages, with which constructions from other materials are unlikely to compete:

  • Security. In addition to high-quality and reliable fencing of the territory, protecting it from illegal entry from the outside and guaranteeing the safety of your property, such fences will also ensure safety due to psychological impact. Agree, after all, you yourself have repeatedly thought about the fact that behind massive forging and stone fences there are also surveillance cameras, angry dogs, watchmen, and so on. Such thoughts act very well on people, and I don’t really want to enter the territory without an invitation;
  • Durability and Reliability. Metal, by itself, is a fairly strong material, and forged metal, and even more so. Forged fences will stand the test of time and weather for many years, which cannot be said about wood or vinyl. In addition, such a fence can easily prevent the unpleasant situations that are possible after an emergency entry of vehicles into it - an elastic and resistant material will withstand even a severe collision;
  • Easy maintenance. You will not need to paint or clean the fence every year, clog new nails or open it with additional protection against moisture, enough primary processing and several maintenance work for the entire service life, which promises to be very long. If some defects occur on the fence, for example, it is scratched, chipped, or forged peaks are beaten, then any such trouble can be fixed very quickly, without replacing the section;
  • Privacy. Any of us would like to see in the country house or around the private house not only a beautiful and reliable fence, but also a multifunctional fence, which, for example, will also hide our privacy from prying eyes. Indeed, no one needs to know when you have a small feast in the backyard, or where exactly the women of your family take sunbaths. Therefore, before you buy a forged fence, be sure to ask if the manufacturers are able to make a hopeless design. Naturally, the answer will be positive, since this is another advantage of forged fences, and you will immediately be offered a product with polycarbonate or a reliable and durable stone base with forged finish;
  • Variety and choice. A wide range of wrought iron gratings, fences and a variety of wrought iron decor on the market gives us great freedom of choice. It is thanks to the healthy competition of manufacturers, the original ideas of designers, the quality work of the masters of the hot workshop and skillful installers, that everyone can easily choose the forged fence that suits absolutely all its requirements;
  • And of course, impeccable appearance, which boasts forged gates and fences, gates and other forged products. Elegance and wealth, luxury and impeccability - all this is 100% inherent in forged fences.

Artistic forging

Types of forged fences

Forged designs can be of several types. The next section of the material will talk about them in more detail.


This is the simplest and cheapest option that can be offered by any manufacturer. The price of protective fences is low, which is their main advantage. Most often, these are stamped sectional fences, which can be assembled quickly and efficiently with the help of professional installers. Decor and ornament are often welded or sits on special screw connections. If you want to get high quality and save a little on the fence of a summer house or garden plot, then such fences are best suited.


This type is significantly different from analogues in its external attractiveness, and it does not affect the positive properties and qualities of both the material and the general assembly. From the point of view of design and decoration, such fences are made at a high artistic level, and often the craftsmen use special sketches that are made according to individual customer requirements. The approach is rather non-standard, the design is original, the execution is very high-quality, therefore the cost of forged decorative fences is slightly different upwards. In addition, there are also the following features of decorative forged fences that distinguish their diversity of these products:

  • Special connection of forged elements for the fence with clamps and bookmarks;
  • The use of welding only if it is provided by the customer or the technical side of the process;
  • Stamps are not used, only in case of a customer’s idea.

It is these features that form the price of a product. As they say, the more work - the more expensive the product.


During the manufacture of fences of a combined type, rivets and clamps, electric and forging adhesions, bending and twisting are used.

Manufacturing technology

The manufacturing technology of forged fences breaks them into the following groups:

  • Welded constructions. The simplest and most likely inexpensive option, which has little to do with forging;
  • Real forging. Significantly different in price from the previous version, since all assembly work is carried out manually. This is not the most popular option, since the process of manufacturing fencing with this technology is very laborious and lengthy. Production and each connection occurs by heating the elements, and connecting them together using a hammer;
  • Forged Welded Products. A popular and acceptable for most people option forging. For production, in this case, ready-made elements are used - a variety of strips and rods that are connected to the structure in several ways. Technology requires a design approach and the ability to work with hands, only in this case, the masters will get really beautiful products.

As you can see, there are plenty of positive features, characteristics and various advantages of forged fences for summer cottages, which means that if you have some budget for building fences for the site, then it will be much easier to make a choice. It remains only to correctly identify professional craftsmen who know how to do the job efficiently, find a team of guys that ensures reliable installation of the product, and also choose for themselves which type of fence is most suitable for you.

If your region has a good forge with professional craftsmen, and you can quickly and easily select a wicket, grilles, forged caps for the fence, as well as other forging structures and elements, then your task will be greatly facilitated. Now you do not need to think about how to make and install forged fences with your own hands, you only need to contact qualified specialists and make an order.

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