Ezemalin: planting, growing and caring for a country miracle

Ezemalin: planting, growing and caring for a country miracle

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Modern gardeners do not want to be content with the usual garden plants. They seek to find something like that, which still does not have a neighbor. And science does not stand still. Every year, breeders delight us with some new things: either varieties with incredible yields and fruit sizes, or all kinds of hybrids ... Today we will talk about raspberry-blackberry hybrids - hedgehogs. The fact that it causes great interest among gardeners is not surprising: the berries, and the yield in general, are higher than ordinary raspberries.

Breeders began to cross these two plants. Various forms of these plants are characterized by large berries and form less vigorous bushes than in blackberries. As a result of breeding work, many interspecific hybrids were obtained, which for one reason or another did not receive the widespread necessary distribution.

Planting and caring for the manpower in Moscow region

Amateur gardeners give the following recommendations for the cultivation of manor. The bush should be planted in a pit exactly the size of forty by forty by forty centimeters, previously filling it with soil and humus in a ratio of 1: 1. For winter, it is advisable to cover small bushes with spruce branches or other improvised material. In the spring, when the air temperature is set at 10 ° C, the shelter must be removed and the branches raised on the trellis or put various metal supports under them. Existing old leaves trimmed. On the trellis or on metal supports, distribute the branches so that each of them is well lit.


Plant care

Plant care is watering and fertilizing. Loosening the ground under the bushes is not recommended, as in the hedgehog, the roots are located right at the very surface of the earth. Instead, the soil under the bushes can be mulched.

In the summer, peppermint branches appear in the Yezemalin. When they reach a height of two and a half meters, they need to pinch the tops. Thanks to this technique, the branches will become thicker and give more side shoots. After the first frosts, it is necessary to cut out all the frigid branches at the base, and young ones to carefully lay and pin to the ground with metal brackets. With the onset of stable frosts, it is advisable to cover the ezemalin for the winter.

Ezemalin Tiberi

Popular varieties of Yezemalin: Tyberry, Loganberry, Boysenberry

  • Tyberry - A very productive variety of Yezemalin. He is one of the last hybrids bred by breeders. The berry bush has thorns, large berries are dark red in color.
  • Loganberry - Creeping, shipless blackberry. The berries are red, darkening when ripe, and also have a weight of about 5 grams, 3.5 centimeters in length. The variety ripens early, the berries have a sour taste.
  • Boysenberry - creeping bush of ezhimalina. There are two forms of plants of this variety - studless and prickly. The berries have an oval shape, they are large, brown in color, to taste - closer to a blackberry.

  • Texas - berries weighing up to 12 grams, elongated. The shoots are long, the size is up to 5 meters, the bush is creeping, prickly. The berries taste sweet and sour, taste closer to raspberries. It has greater resistance to frost than other varieties.
  • Darrow - an upright variety of hedgehogs, stems up to 3 meters in size. The bush is prickly, has resistance to frost up to -34 ° ะก. One five-year bush can produce up to 10 kilograms of crop. Berries weigh an average of 4 grams, taste sweet and sour.
  • In addition, there is also white ezhimalina (so named because the unripe berries of the hedgehog are white).

Ezemalin Agavam

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