The best varieties of strawberries for growing in the country in 2019

The best varieties of strawberries for growing in the country in 2019

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Perhaps, all varieties of strawberries can be divided into three main groups: giving one crop per season; fruiting throughout the season (remontant) and small fruited. Varieties of the first type usually bloom in late spring and give an early harvest - most of them bear fruit directly in June, but the period of their activity is quite short.

Description of the most popular varieties of strawberries

In that case, if the climate is warm, then during the year plants of this type can go through several development cycles, bringing one or two more crops. In this case, the number of berries after repeated flowering will significantly decrease. Strawberries bloom from spring to autumn. At the same time, during this period it does not always bring an ideal crop. Therefore, it is more correct to grow repairing varieties in colder regions, since they do not cease to bear fruit even after unexpected frosts have come. In this regard, we can confidently say that such strawberry varieties are best suited for Siberia and the Urals. However, with no less success they are suitable for the suburbs.

Elizabeth II

So, we turn to the description of the various types of strawberries, which are most common in our country. For example, Elizabeth II is actually a fairly large, transportable variety. It should also be noted that it is considered repair. In addition, the berry has a beautiful appearance and is suitable for trade. This harvested strawberry variety is harvested several times a year: the first crop ripens by the month of June, the second by July, and the third by the end of August. If natural conditions are favorable, then you can pick berries until October. Variety Elizabeth ripens large enough, so it is so easy to collect. The berries are dense, saturated red.

Fruits that ripen closer to autumn, in terms of taste, lose to earlier varieties. The variety ripens quite early due to the fact that in winter its buds are fully formed and in the same state tolerate winter. In the event that the weather is warm in the spring, strawberries ripen even faster. Elizabeth II can rightly be called one of the best varieties of remodeling strawberries.


It requires special attention and constant care. When using good agricultural technology, Gigantella gives high productivity. By the way, such a name was given to the variety because its berries are quite large and have a sweet taste. With all this, Gigantella requires regular watering, because a lack of moisture in the soil can easily lead to a decrease in the size of berries.

Therefore, this strawberry variety is difficult to confuse with any other - it has such pronounced signs.

Its bushes are very thick and powerful, sometimes grow up to 35-50 cm in height and can reach up to half a meter in diameter. Leaves have a light green color and a slightly corrugated surface. Gigantella peduncles are thick and durable, and the first fruits are very large - weight 100 g, and the diameter of the berry can be 9 cm. At the time of ripening, the berries acquire the correct shape with prominent large seeds.


Fruits in the period from the end of May until the start of frost. Fruits are large, conical in shape, dark red in color, with luster. Albion has a unique pronounced aroma and a very rich sweet taste. Suitable for greenhouses, which fully protect against various vagaries of nature and directly the climate of the area.

Compared with other elite strawberry varieties, Albion has twice as many flavoring compounds. Along with the best varieties of strawberries, he stubbornly tolerates various negative weather factors and diseases. Extremely cost-effective, just perfect for growing on sheltered ground. Thus, it can be attributed primarily to strawberry varieties for indoor use.


Refers to varieties of American selection. Its berries can sometimes reach a weight of 45 g, while they have a very dense and attractive appearance. Their color is dark red with a characteristic sheen. Harvesting is best started after full ripening.

This greenhouse strawberry variety is considered the most transportable, so it is ideal for trade and further processing as an industrial strawberry variety. In addition, the species is highly resistant to the vagaries of the weather and against diseases.

Pink flamingo

The variety is characterized primarily by the fact that it can be grown at home - for example, pots with bushes are hung around the width of the window about every 20 cm. Long mustaches hang from these pots, which are somewhat similar to vines; everything grows in pink flowers and bright red berries.


For more than half a century, Strawberry Marshall has been successfully grown in the United States and Japan. An interesting feature of it is that this variety can be left unattended for a long time, because the plant very quickly grows leaf mass, which helps it to overtake and drown out a lot of weeds. In addition, Marshall is resistant to droughts and can survive without watering for a long time. Its berries are bright red, very sweet.


Perfectly suitable for cultivation both in the open, and in the closed ground. The bushes are quite compact, albeit slightly large. They have dark green leaves located on long petioles. If the plant has an excessive number of mustaches, then the size of the berries will slightly decrease. Moreover, their number, on the contrary, will increase.

Year-round varieties of strawberries

The leaders of this group are the Selva variety, which is highly fertile and able to grow all year round. But the quality of the berries is slightly inferior to other varieties.

Dutch varieties

It is worth paying attention to the early grade of Elvira. Its berries are quite large, rounded in shape, and the mass can reach an average of 40-60 g. Seedlings of this variety are sold everywhere.

Overview of strawberry varieties, expert advice


In order for strawberry cultivars to produce a good harvest all year round, they should be constantly looked after and monitored. Care plants require very painstaking. It is necessary to prepare the soil before the season, having treated with phosphorus fertilizers. At the same time, for many varieties of strawberries and strawberries, it is desirable to feed the soil with nitrogen and potassium. In order to prevent soil swims from abundant irrigation with water, the surface should be covered with either humus or sawdust - this approach will well protect strawberries in Russia and Ukraine. It is important to create ideal conditions for the culture so that the plants are not damaged.

On the whole, when thinking about what types of strawberries it is better to use on your site, you should be guided not only by your own preferences, but also by the climatic conditions of the area where your site is located.

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