Making garden animal figures

Making garden animal figures

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If you want to decorate your garden with something new and bright - make figures and sculptures with your own hands! Are you an avid gardener and give all your strength only to your brainchild? Do you want more variety in the garden? But superficial knowledge is not enough to create high-quality decoration of your garden. We offer you a simple way to diversify the landscape of your garden. Surely you immediately had thoughts that you won’t succeed. But do not despair: there is always a way out! This article will help you in the difficult task of decorating a summer cottage with garden figures.

Here are suggested techniques that even a novice can apply. The result of the work depends solely on your efforts.

Animal sculptures will perfectly decorate your garden. To begin with, stock up on inventory - we need: steel wire with a diameter of about 1 cm, a knitting wire (to secure the frame of the future beast), propylene or metal mesh. Do not forget to buy flower seeds (preferably undersized varieties), grass for the lawn and what we will feed the plants. Soil and straw are also useful in making sculptures.

The embodiment of a garden figure in reality


Carefully draw the image of the future beast in the imagination - and then you can start creating the sculpture. Transfer the shape of the beast to the wire, bending it and fastening it with knitting wire. You can use welding to fix the frame, but it is easier to do this with ordinary wire. The bottom of the future sculpture must be wrapped with a net and pour there specially prepared soil. Preparing it is quite simple: you just need to add nutrients and straw there - that’s the frame, filled with earth, is ready.

Green cover

Next, plant seeds of grass and flowers. Do not forget that you make an animal. It is necessary to highlight the eyes, nose and skin pigmentation. It is preferable to make the nose pink, the eyes should contrast with the color of the grass. Skin pigmentation is best done with variegated colors. Do not forget to water your creation! So that the soil does not wash out, it is necessary to water your beast carefully.

The first attempts may not be very successful, but not upset. The creation of such sculptures will fascinate you, and over time everything will work out! The main thing - do not stop and improve in this matter! We are absolutely sure that after a while your garden will turn into a menagerie. We recommend reading the article on garden figures from the bun to the forester.

DIY garden figures

We wish you good luck in creating garden figures with your own hands and further landscaping!

Garden figures of animals (20 photos)

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