Webcap blood red: photo and description

Webcap blood red: photo and description

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There are such mushrooms from the Spiderweb family, which will surely attract fans of quiet hunting with their appearance. The blood-red webcap is just such a representative of the genus. In scientific articles, you can find its Latin name Cortinarius sanguineus. It has not been sufficiently studied, but its toxicity is a fact confirmed by mycologists.

Description of the blood red spider web

It is a lamellar mushroom with a bright, bloody color. The fruiting body consists of a cap and a stem, on which the remains of a cobweb blanket can be observed.

Grows in small clusters in thickets of moss or berry bushes

Description of the hat

The upper part of the fruiting body grows up to 5 cm in diameter. In young basidiomycetes, it is spherical, opens over time, becomes prostrate-convex or flat.

The skin on the surface is dry, fibrous or scaly, the color is dark, blood red

The plates are narrow, frequent, the teeth adhered to the stem are dark scarlet.

Spores are in the form of a grain or ellipse, smooth, and may be warty. Their color is rusty, brown, yellow.

Leg description

The length does not exceed 10 cm, the diameter is 1 cm. The shape is cylindrical, widened to the bottom, uneven. The surface is fibrous or silky.

The color of the leg is red, but slightly darker than that of the cap

The mycelium at the base is rusty-brown in color.

The pulp is blood-red, its smell resembles a rare, bitter taste.

Where and how it grows

The blood-red webcap is found in wet or swampy spruce forests. You can find it on acidic soils in blueberry or moss thickets. The habitat is Eurasia and North America. In Russia, the species is found in Siberia, the Urals, the Far East. Fruiting from July to September.

More often, the blood-red spider web grows singly, less often - in small groups. Not often found on the territory of Russia.

Is the mushroom edible or not

Almost all representatives of the Spiderweb family are poisonous. The described blood-red basidiomycete is no exception. It is poisonous, its toxins are dangerous to humans. Signs of poisoning appear a few days after eating a mushroom dish. Officially belongs to the inedible group.

Doubles and their differences

The described mushroom has a similar poisonous twin. In appearance, they practically do not differ.

The red-lamellar webcap (blood-reddish) has a bell-shaped cap with a characteristic bulge in the center. The color is dark yellow-brown, eventually turns dark red. The leg is thin and yellow. Poisonous species.

The double has only purple plates, and not the entire fruiting body


The spider web is blood-red - a lamellar, cap-pedunculated poisonous mushroom. It is rarely found in swampy spruce forests. Grows singly in moss or grass near firs. It got its name due to the bright color of the fruit body.

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