Create a landscape with Realtime Landscaping Architect

Create a landscape with Realtime Landscaping Architect

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Realtime Landscaping Architect will make all your dreams regarding landscape design a reality! The program uses new 3D technologies that allow even an inexperienced PC user to create an unusual landscape project.

You can use various elements of the landscape of the cottage, for example, such as artificial ponds, lawns, fountains, garden fences. In total, the library has about 1300 objects, which, of course, is a huge convenience.

The development of landscaping for your own site will require a lot of effort, especially from a beginner who has never dealt with the design of the territory. But help is always there - it’s Realtime Landscaping Architect. Using it, you can translate into reality everything that you have been dreaming of for so long.

Realtime Landscaping Architect - a convenient program with simple requirements, which easily fits on 4 out of 5 PCs of all existing users. The software is very easy to use, and therefore, even if you have never used such help, you have every chance to quickly get used to it.

Realtime Landscaping Architect Requirements

The program for landscaping Realtime Landscaping Architect is installed on the operating systems Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8. It does not require anything supernatural from your PC, only:

  • Processor: 1 GHz CPU (1.6 GHz or more);
  • Memory: 512 MB;
  • Video: NVidia GeForce 5200 FX, ATI Radeon 9250 and higher graphics cards.

As you can see, the system requirements for the program are quite tolerant, and therefore, you can try to work now.

Benefits of Realtime Landscaping Architect

  • With this software it is possible not only to create, but also to translate practically every idea into reality. Connect your own imagination to work and design a summer residence, its yard, garden, fences around the summer residence, ponds and recreation areas.
  • In addition to buildings and construction objects, you can add plants to the landscape design of the territory - trees, shrubs, flowers and even hedges. This can be done in a few seconds, simply by finding the necessary shapes in the library of the program Realtime Landscaping Architect.
  • Place marks in the project, mark territories, make footnotes and put down sizes, all this is possible thanks to serious software tools for professionals.
  • You can scale the territory, zoom in and zoom out the project, evaluate it from the front, top and side, to find the minimum errors and immediately eliminate them.
  • The user can easily switch between 2D and 3D modes in order to design the landscape of a summer cottage area with the highest quality. In addition, you can always arrange a virtual walk around the finished project, to see errors from close, adjust the size or arrangement, show the finished design of the summer cottage to relatives and friends.
  • It is convenient to work with ready-made images, and not projects from scratch. You can import graphic images of any format, retouch them, change, fully correct, adjust for yourself.
  • There is always the opportunity to see not only a cold drawing in electronic form, but also to revive the picture - turn on the shadows of plants, decorative lighting, flowing water and so on.

Realtime Landscaping Architect Video

A virtual journey into the world of your own project will help to quickly bring it to perfect condition and proceed to the design of the territory. Use convenient and practical Realtime Landscaping Architect tools, a library of ready-made shapes and models, as well as your own imagination.

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