Useful and original crafts from garbage for a summer residence

Useful and original crafts from garbage for a summer residence

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If there is construction waste in the country house, any scraps or leftover materials, they should not be thrown away, because almost everything can give a second life! Country garbage can become a material for the production of very useful things!

Several times we talked about what to make out of country garbage. But we are sure that this textual material will not be the last, because every day summer residents find more and more new use for what it is a pity to throw away. Therefore, we not only recommend that you pay attention to our ideas, but also share your ideas after reading the articles. This can be done in the comments. In the meantime, it presents you with a whole set of interesting crafts, products, and even large objects from garbage and a variety of country rubbish!

The first one we decided to present to our readers was a bicycle parking. This is the simplest and very popular transport among summer residents and residents of villages, which, often, simply relies on a tree or fence after arriving at the place. But if no one wants to equip a parking place for bicycles in their own area, this does not mean that in your country, bicycles must knock down bark from trees or peel paint off the surface of a new fence!

Find a few old car tires, bury them vertically with an interval of only 7-10 cm, and the bike stand is ready. Agree, a cheap way to do something useful, as well as the ability to use country garbage to good use!

Garden figure from tanks and bottles

We have several articles devoted to this topic at once, and one of the most interesting is material on the use of plastic and glass bottles in the country. Today we again raise this topic and show you a fun and very cute product for the garden!

This is a small elephant, for the assembly of which you will need a few one and a half crib and one five-liter bottle.

The good thing is that here you do not need to use even expensive supplies. Wire or glue for joining the elements of the garden figure, the remnants of paint after repair to give an appearance, and a corrugated pipe so that our elephant has a trunk!

This is a great idea, especially since there may be more such figures on the site, and maybe they will be completely different!

New crafts from car tires

And again, we return to car tires, because the material of their production is extremely strong and durable. That is why garden figures and even country furniture, which we also pay attention to, are obtained from tires.

But now it is a cartoon, and a very famous character - the minion. Such a figure will dilute the situation on the site and may even fall in love with children who probably know the history of small and very bright cranks!

How to make such an interesting figure out of tires? Everything is very simple! It is necessary to fasten several tires by placing them one on top of the other, paint them in appropriate colors, add eyes from plastic and foil, and give emotions by sketching a smile!

Not all crafts are especially useful, but if they are cute, then they are also worth talking about. Yes, in this section of the article we have already moved to a smaller hand-made, but in a couple of lines we’ll fix it!

So, an insect from frankly unnecessary garbage. A pair of scraps of steel or knitting wire, which, by the way, is easier to work with, a pair of washers and a bulb painted in any color. This whole thing is formed, bandaged or glued, and suspended in a window opening, in a gazebo or in any other place you choose.

Our next suggestion is much more serious. This is a small canopy of construction waste. Interestingly, a lot of useful things can be done on the basis of such a structure:

  • Canopy for compost storage;
  • A canopy for firewood;
  • Rabbitry or pen enclosure (you will need to work more carefully by reading the basic requirements for such structures on our website);
  • A canopy for temporary storage of sand or other loose building materials, and so on.

That is, the design is very simple, and at the same time very functional. And the most pleasing thing is that it is collected in just a couple of hours from the remnants of materials after construction or repair. Metal pipes, corner, boards, slate, you can use brick or stone for laying the foundation, more materials for building walls and their sheathing, protection from wind, moisture, sun.

Set of summer furniture from tires

Car tires are not so difficult to find, but for someone they are completely folded in the garage or near it, and take up a lot of free space. This is an old summer or winter tire, which you can’t even put on a car, and throwing it away, as usual, is a pity ... just like an old suitcase. But now the tires come in handy for another good deed. Of these, you can make not the main, but auxiliary summer furniture, which, for example, will be in the garden, where you can always cool in the shade, read, relax.

How to make furniture from tires? On the one hand, it’s simple, but it will take a little effort! Tires should be washed well, as dry rubber is easily soiled. Next, remove all burrs, protruding reinforcement and other defects from the tires that could cause injury or damage to clothing.

After that, you need a rope, clothesline or just a thick cable in isolation, with which help the seats and backs will be made. Here you will need to work hard, since to attach a rope or cable, you need to make many holes with an awl or a screwdriver. You can also use wooden elements, bolt fasteners, other little things, for example, pillows.

Country pool from a trolley, bucket, tank

Storage of water in the country requires from us a variety of containers. Only today we are gradually moving to new plastic tanks and large-capacity tanks. Previously, every second summer resident on the site had old loading trolleys, transport elements from factories or mines, buckets from tractors and elevators, or tanks simply welded from thick metal. Many still have them today, and most often, the owners want to get rid of them after acquiring plastic barrels. The reason is understandable - to make a little money from unnecessary scrap metal before thieves have not earned it!

But there is an interesting idea. Firstly, you can always defend water for irrigation of young plants and seedlings, mix fertilizers in tanks or collect rainwater in them, removing the pipe from the gutters. But if the container is in good condition, it can be used for a very interesting purpose. This is a practically finished pool, which now does not need to be bought. A minimum of finishing, the purchase of a small pump for discharging water, or just installing a drain hole, and the pool is ready!

Glass bottle decorative lighting

Recently, do-it-yourself decorative lighting has become quite fashionable. You can make a wooden chandelier, add forging, steel elements, install high-quality bulbs, and at the same time get a lighting device that is many times cheaper than a store. Therefore, for giving such solutions are extremely relevant! Here, the design style is somewhat different, and the budget for such acquisitions is limited. Therefore, a do-it-yourself lamp is a really good idea!

We already told you about decorative lighting in the country, but today we present a lamp from bottles. To get a high-quality and beautiful look, we need to cut the bottles, polish the edges, put inside the lamp with high-quality cartridges, and just plug it into the network. But be sure to carefully work with electricity, as it is unsafe, but also with the glass itself!

There are several ways to cut bottles. Today, glass cutters, automated glass cutting machines, and home cutting methods using burning thread are used. They are known to so many, and are quite simple. Grinding is considered more difficult. You need to work in tight gauntlets, always with a petal, so as not to inhale fine glass, and fine sandpaper. It is also advisable to moisten the surface that is ground to get the best effect!

Table for a country house from old doors

Such a table can be made for placement indoors or outdoors. It will be strong and durable enough for its initial state. Such furniture is not a pity, since you can assemble it from unnecessary residues after repair, on your own and all within a couple of hours. And therefore, in this way not only a decorative dining or coffee table is assembled, but also a cutting table or workbench for the workshop!

It is advisable to use wooden doors for furniture production, as hollow doors will very quickly get wet and deteriorate. But even if you took the doors of solid wood or glued beams, you need a minimal finish. Firstly, this process will change the appearance to one that is most suitable for styling a room or a recreation area on the street, and secondly, the decoration will serve as additional protection.

Most often, the old paint is removed from the door, for which it is better to use a mounting hair dryer and scraper, sanded with a block of sandpaper, and then covered with stain and varnish, or weather-resistant translucent paint. The effect is simply amazing, especially if the doors are mounted on massive legs ... for this you can take old beams, timber, sleepers.

Some time ago we told you how to make a bar counter in a country house to get an interesting place to relax with your own bar. Then we also used unnecessary materials, one might say, country garbage. But today we want to push off from another ... take an old piano. Naturally, it should not completely fall apart, since it will be extremely difficult to restore it. But if you have a piano at home or at the cottage that doesn’t work or that nobody just plays on, you can remake it into a great bar, install it in a patio or gazebo.

Pay attention to the photo below, how such a craft from an unnecessary thing originally looks. Elegant and beautiful, and most importantly, which is very functional.

Easy repair, grinding, new painting, installation of the necessary fittings ... and you're done! In some cases, of course, it will be necessary to remove all the “insides” of a given musical instrument. But this is only to the advantage, since the strings can be used with benefit, for example, as a wire, and bronze elements inside are expensive!

Furniture for the summer kitchen from the old cabinet

Do you have old furniture in the country that you have long wanted to throw away? Do not rush, because any similar product costs money today. This, if you want to sell ... but you can always restore an old cabinet and completely redo it. You can install a sink, household kitchen appliances in it, summarize the necessary communications and use it for a new purpose in the summer kitchen or in the summer cottage. It’s simple, since we had a lot more complicated and serious work. Look at the photo, and you yourself will understand the whole work plan, the process of transforming old furniture into new!

The only thing that we would like to note is the need for a protective coating. Choose a high-quality antiseptic, as well as weather-resistant paint, which must be applied in at least two layers!

Street cabinet or barn from old doors

In the country there is an urgent need for utility rooms. It is not always possible to store work equipment or a tool in a garage, and therefore it is necessary to build a barn, a small utility unit or a street cupboard for all kinds of garden supplies. This can be done using all the same old doors that could remain after repairs in the country. You can get them from neighbors who have recently made such repairs.

The whole structure is quite simple, and is a door frame. It must be durable, and old doors fixed as walls must be painted. Inside you can make shelves, small racks, hooks.

Country arch from old doors

The doors that you replaced are rubbish. More often they are simply carried out for some kind of summer cottage, where they stand for a very long time until they completely dry out or rot. But you can use this garbage to good use, as we have repeatedly said.

Now we recommend doors as decorative elements. They can become the basis for the construction of the original arch. Look at the photo below how it is done. A pair of doors that are fastened together, painted, and decorated with plants, hanging planters, pots and containers with flowers. Such a nice structure can also be installed on the border of different functional sections of a summer residence.

Cabinet for storing bolts, nails, nuts

There is always little space in the garage or utility block. We often clutter up such premises with what is not needed there at all. And, even though there is definitely a place in the garage for various small things for a car and other equipment, it is not always necessary to store nails and self-tapping screws there!

Today you can buy special organizer boxes, where to put hardware and fasteners. But they are very expensive, although they are made from simple, cheap plastic. Then the idea arises again to make something useful out of country garbage.

Take a few pieces of chipboard, chipboard, plywood or OSB, and put together a cabinet. It is possible to fasten individual parts with screws or nails, but it is also recommended that all joints be glued. In just a couple of hours, a small cupboard or cabinet can be made. Next, you will need to take old cans or plastic bottles, carefully place them on the finished shelves and fill them up with small things. It will be correct and mark all containers for nails, washers, bolts.

Reinforced concrete pipe construction

It's time to talk about more serious projects in which concrete products can be used. We hasten to note that the reinforced concrete pipe that we have not always proposed remains after the construction of a well or other important facility, but this happens. Moreover, in country cooperatives and various kinds of settlements, this material is often available after work with sewers and water supply. In short, the offer is for those summer residents who have such a pipe.

Reinforced concrete pipe is an almost finished building, only that which is open on both sides. It is possible to use it to equip an economic structure or even a house as a small residential building. Of course, for the last project you will have to spend some money, and use all your knowledge in construction and repair, but believe me, it's worth it.

The pipe is laid in the right part of the site, fixed in place with stops so that it does not move later, and is converted into a building of the desired purpose. To do this, waterproofing and painting are performed outside, and one end part is hermetically sealed. Wood, brick, various blocks of the type of aerated concrete or foam concrete are used here, after which plastering and painting are carried out.

From the inside, any decor is possible, and in some cases, even insulation, on the other side of the pipe - a door or a screen, if it is a summer type building. It is clear that such a construction will not become quality housing, but here is a place for summer nights, or a construction for any warehouse, easily.

Choosing an appointment, you regulate your own costs. A storage room of this format should be ventilated and dry. If it is a residential building, it is necessary to ensure maximum comfort and safety inside. All this is real!

Country house from the container

We will definitely discuss this subject in more detail in order to explain to readers how to rebuild a regular cargo container into a real summer house or temporary hut. In the meantime, we want to offer to get acquainted with this project.

Favorable such a structure and its full finish can be considered when the container is already there. If a container needs to be purchased to implement such an idea, then the entire structure will cost quite expensive, which will be disadvantageous. But we know for sure that there are containers and trailers at the dachas, and at many, so it’s becoming increasingly possible to implement a rather interesting project.

As an announcement, I would like to say that from one or several containers, which for many are not just garbage, but rusting and unnecessary cargo in the country, you can make a very good cottage that every neighbor will envy. The house will turn out to be dry and warm, though not very big!

Useful and original crafts from trash and garbage, and sometimes even more serious objects, are possible today. One has only to take time and show interest in the implementation of such ideas, and you will surely succeed. We, in turn, will try to help with the recommendations of our experts and new ideas!

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