Root Root for Seedling Seedlings Pure Leaf

Root Root for Seedling Seedlings Pure Leaf

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Growing seedlings of vegetables or flowers at home is a profitable venture. You can get seedlings of those varieties and hybrids that you like best. It will be much cheaper than buying from seedling growers.

To get a rich harvest of vegetables and lush flower beds, you need to grow healthy and strong seedlings. Experienced gardeners and gardeners advise using a rooting agent for seedlings, seeds, seedlings Clean sheet. The features of the drug, the rules for use at home will be discussed in the article.


When growing seedlings, seedlings, gardeners claim a well-developed root system. Various rooting preparations are sold in stores today. Popular among gardeners is the Pure Leaf seedling rooter. The drug is produced in Ukraine by the Kvitofor company.

When buying, you should pay attention to the production time of the drug. It can be stored for no more than three years at temperatures from +20 to +35 degrees, separately from food and feed, in places inaccessible to children and animals.


The root system biostimulator is packed in a convenient tube. It has a measuring ruler, which simplifies the use of the drug. One division is one dose. The volume of the tube is 100 grams.

The packaging contains detailed instructions for using the rooting agent for different types of work and the rules for diluting the drug. Every gardener can get acquainted with the composition of the substance. In addition to the drug itself, gardeners will find a dosing spoon and rubber gloves in the package.

Important! The presence of a large amount of phosphorus, as well as succinic acid, improves the condition of the seedlings, they are precisely responsible for the development of the root system.


Rooting agent Pure leaf is a crystalline powder, which contains a large amount of micro and macro elements. All elements in a highly efficient concentrated fertilizer are well absorbed by plants. One tube with a volume of 100 grams is enough to receive 150 liters of solution.

The composition of the rooting plant for seedlings sprout:

  • Nitrogen and Phosphorus;
  • Potassium and Boron;
  • Iron and manganese;
  • Copper and Zinc;
  • Molybdenum and Cobalt;
  • Sulfur and Magnesium.

In addition to these elements, the rooting agent is rich in vitamins, salts of humic acids, phytohormones, amino acids and succinic acid. But there is no chlorine harmful to the development of plants in the biostimulator.


Biostimulant Pure leaf does not apply to conventional fertilizers. A complex rooting agent in the form of a powder, containing a large amount of macro and microelements, is designed to increase the viability of plants at various stages of development.

Apply the drug when preparing seeds for sowing, water the seedlings, soak the seedlings. The rooting agent is able to awaken cells, increase the energy capacity of plants.


There are a large number of rooters today. Fertilizer A clean sheet for seedlings, seeds and seedlings has several advantages:

  1. The mineral substance, rich in micro and macronutrients, vitamins contributes to the rapid development of the root system in seedlings.
  2. The use of a rooting machine allows you to maintain a high level of soil fertility.
  3. Plants receive adequate nutrition, fertilizer can be “delivered” to the plant through any irrigation system.
  4. The energy of germination of seeds of any crops increases, as vitality awakens in the cells.
  5. Watering the seedlings with a rooting plant increases the number of ovaries and prevents them from falling off.
  6. Improves the taste of fruit and vegetable products, increases the content of nutrients in them. Provides the plant with adequate nutrition, compensates for the deficiency of macro and microelements. Stimulates fast, proportional growth, early onset of fruiting.
  7. Due to the presence of a large number of nutrients, the root system is actively developing.
  8. Plants become resistant to many diseases, endure unfavorable weather conditions, as their immunity increases.
  9. The powdery substance can be used even when plants are fertilized with other fertilizers and treated with pesticides. What's more, the Clean Sheet is able to relieve stress from herbicide exposure. And this, in turn, significantly increases the yield of vegetable crops.
  10. Rooting agent Clean sheet for seedlings, seeds and seedlings is an effective tool.
  11. It is not difficult to apply fertilizer, because the package contains detailed instructions.

If we talk about the shortcomings, then we can single out only one: the product dissolves poorly in cold water, so it is heated to 30 degrees.

Warning! To prepare the solution, you cannot use tap water, since it contains chlorine, which is harmful to any plants.

Application features

A biostimulant for plant rooting has a wide range of applications. It can be used for seeds, seedlings, cuttings and seedlings. You can learn how to use the Root Root Cleaner from the detailed instructions. It indicates not only the rules for the dilution of the drug, but also the methods of application.

Warning! It is forbidden to water plants grown for herbs: onions, dill, parsley, salads and other leafy vegetables.

How to apply

Seed soaking

One scoop of rooting is poured into five liters of warm water. Seeds of tomatoes, peppers, other vegetable or flower crops are wrapped in gauze and dipped in a solution for 60 minutes. You do not need to rinse the seeds with clean water; immediately place them in the nursery. Having received the necessary dose of micro and macronutrients, the seeds quickly awaken, sprout together.


For watering cuttings, seedlings, stimulating root formation, use the following solution composition: half a measuring spoon of the rooting agent for seedlings and seedlings is diluted in two liters of water. You need to water the seedlings 2 to 4 times during the month.


Root growers are widely used when growing seedlings of tomatoes and peppers. According to the description, this preparation contains a large amount of phosphorus and succinic acid, which just contribute to the rapid growth of a powerful root system. You can use root and foliar feeding of seedlings.

The signal for the application of the Blank Sheet is the appearance of the first true sheet. After watering, the aerial part will slightly slow down its growth, since the forces of a small sprout will be thrown into the formation of the root system. In the future, by increasing the feeding area between the roots and tops, a balance will be established.

You can feed tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables not only at the stage of growing seedlings, but also during flowering and fruiting.

Breeding rates:

  1. For root feeding of seedlings, 5 liters of water will be required, in which 2 measuring spoons of the rooting agent are dissolved. Clean sheet for seedlings. Watering is repeated after 15 -16 days.
  2. For foliar feeding of tomato seedlings, the concentration of the solution should be half as much. 1-2 scoops are poured into 9 liters of water. You need to spray the plants in the evening, when the sun has already set.

Attention! Biostimulant Pure leaf, unlike other drugs, can be used regularly during the growing season of plants.

From this, the effect of the action of the agent increases many times over. Moreover, one tube is enough to obtain 150 liters of solution.

Security measures

When working with the rooting preparation Clean Sheet, you need to take care of your safety:

  • it is necessary to breed and spray plants with gloves;
  • smoking and eating food while working with the drug is prohibited;
  • if the solution comes into contact with the skin, immediately rinse the area with warm water and detergent;
  • if rooted in the eyes, rinse with water and consult a doctor;
  • if the drug gets inside, you will need to drink plenty of fluids, after which you need to induce vomiting.

Gardeners' opinion

Valentina, 37 years old, Brest

I have been using the seedling rooting agent for several years. The clean leaf is really a great preparation for giving the plant energy and increasing vitality.

Ekaterina, 30 years old, Novosibirsk

Last year I bought a Root Root Cleaner. I decided to experiment first. I soaked one portion of tomato seeds in a solution, and planted others usually. An amazing thing: the soaked seeds sprouted in two days. They developed much better, watered the seedlings several more times. Before planting in a permanent place, the treated seedlings were stocky, with a strong root system and even fruit. The harvest from these bushes was also greater.

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