Pomegranate raises or lowers blood pressure

Pomegranate raises or lowers blood pressure

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Increasingly, in search of salvation from hypertension and other diseases, people turn to the forces of nature. One of the most popular remedies is pomegranate. But often the properties of this fruit are perplexing. It is important to understand whether pomegranate juice increases or decreases blood pressure in order to properly use the fruit.

How pomegranate juice affects blood pressure

Why do many become hypertensive with age? The reasons for this may be different:

  • violations of vascular tone;
  • kidney problems, inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs;
  • hormonal imbalance, an excess of aldosterone leads to the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, an increase in blood pressure, accompanied by muscle weakness and potassium deficiency in the body;
  • a hangover is accompanied by spasms of the vessels of the brain;
  • medications that have a side effect of an increase in blood pressure (pain relievers with caffeine and paracetamol);
  • salt, overeating and some foods (coffee, energy drinks, alcohol);
  • osteochondrosis, back injuries, constant overstrain of the muscles of the neck and back, which causes spasms of blood vessels, disrupts the blood supply to the brain;
  • improper layout of the workplace leads to overloading of the eye muscles;
  • stress.

Pomegranate at high pressure has a positive effect. There is a fairly clear connection between the nervous system and blood pressure. Severe stress causes an uncontrolled release of hormones. As a result, the vessels are compressed, the pressure rises. Drinking pomegranate juice helps to eliminate this type of hypertension, as it has soothing properties due to the presence of vitamins B6, B9, magnesium (Mg).

Pomegranate juice has pronounced anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial properties. It is recommended to use it for cystitis and other inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system. It is very useful in renal failure, usually a two-month course of treatment. With pyelonephritis, it is allowed to use it during the period of remission as a prophylaxis in limited quantities. Pomegranate juice helps to remove stones from the kidneys, urinary tract.

Pomegranate will help reduce the amount of salt you eat in your daily diet. It can be used to make various sauces, of which "Narsharab" is considered the most famous. They can be used to season not only meat dishes, but also salads. Pomegranate juice can partially replace seasonings; it is often used in salads instead of lemon. In addition, it also has diuretic properties and helps to remove excess salt from the body.

Overeating, the associated excess weight directly leads to a load on the circulatory system. Every 5 kilograms in excess of the norm increases blood pressure by 5 mm Hg. Pomegranate juice is ideal for inclusion in weight loss diets. Low calorie content plus high nutritional value of the product make it indispensable in the fight against excess weight. In addition to the fact that pomegranate improves digestion and absorption of food, due to the content of vitamin K and some other substances, it helps to improve metabolism.

The substances contained in pomegranate normalize the tone of blood vessels, strengthen their walls, and make them more elastic. Participates in this process, first of all, vitamin C and other antioxidant substances, which are very abundant in fruit juice. They cleanse the blood from cholesterol, harmful substances, improve the process of hematopoiesis and the functioning of the entire circulatory system. Thanks to these properties, pomegranate well relieves the symptoms of a hangover and other types of intoxication, including drug.

As a result of the fact that pomegranate juice improves blood circulation, muscle tissue is saturated with oxygen and nutrients, it becomes healthier and its condition returns to normal. The magnesium contained in the fetus relieves muscle tension, relieves spasm of blood vessels.

Does pomegranate juice increase blood pressure?

Oddly enough, pomegranate juice is also useful for hypotensive patients, normalizing blood pressure upward. Low blood pressure is no less dangerous than high blood pressure. The amount of pressure depends, first of all, on factors such as how effective the work of the heart muscle is and what the state of the vascular network is.

Pomegranate juice at low pressure is beneficial because it contains a large amount of potassium and many other substances necessary for the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. Strengthens the heart muscle, prevents cardiovascular diseases and treats existing ones. A large amount of antioxidants allows using pomegranate to maintain blood vessels and tone of the heart muscle in a healthy state.

Does pomegranate juice reduce blood pressure

Pomegranate juice at elevated pressure is valuable because it is a strong antioxidant. It cleanses the blood, blood vessels and the entire body from poisons, cholesterol and slagging. In large vessels, their contamination is not felt as strongly as in small capillaries. Cholesterol plaques, slag build-ups clog the peripheral vascular network and blood circulation is impaired. This leads to an increase in blood pressure.

Pomegranate juice for hypertension, drunk daily on an empty stomach, carries out a general cleansing of the body and blood vessels, normalizes many processes in the body, including blood circulation. Thanks to clean elastic vessels, blood moves freely through the circulatory system, delivers oxygen and nutrition to all organs and systems of the human body, including the brain.

How pomegranate affects blood pressure

The effect of pomegranate juice on pressure is possible both in one direction and in the other, depending on what kind of disease the patient is suffering from. With hypertension, the fetus lowers blood pressure; with hypotension, on the contrary, it causes an increase in its parameters. This is all due to the fact that the substances contained in pomegranate juice heal the entire cardiovascular system.

Useful properties of pomegranate and contraindications for pressure

Pomegranate juice is undoubtedly good for high blood pressure. It also increases the acidity of gastric juice, so it improves digestion in healthy people. For those who suffer from gastric hypersecretion, it is better to limit themselves to drinking. At a minimum, take after meals. Due to the fact that pomegranate juice acts so aggressively on the digestive tract, it also provokes an exacerbation of pancreatic diseases.

It can not be used not only for pancreatitis, but also for cholecystitis, since these two diseases are interrelated. Those who suffer from manifestations of food allergies should also be careful about drinking pomegranate. It is better to start taking it with small amounts, gradually increasing to therapeutic doses. The effect of pomegranate on pressure largely depends on the amount of product.

How to drink pomegranate juice for blood pressure

The pressure rises only from natural pomegranate. For treatment, it is better to use homemade freshly squeezed fresh juice. Store juices will not do this. They contain a lot of sugar and various chemicals that are a constant companion of the modern food industry.

To achieve lasting results in hypertension, pomegranate juice should be drunk daily. Dilute in half with water or freshly squeezed carrot juice, take on an empty stomach in the morning, before breakfast. Once in the body, pomegranate juice normalizes the condition of the capillaries, relieves their spasm, relaxes the muscular walls of blood vessels, and also cleans from harmful layers.

Pomegranate is also useful under reduced pressure. With hypotension, if you follow a certain dosage of the drink, you can also normalize the pressure. Pomegranate juice in large quantities causes a slight tachycardia, a slowdown in the pulse, and this, in turn, leads to a drop in blood pressure. Therefore, in order to normalize low blood pressure, a drink from the fruit should be taken only on the recommendation of a doctor, who will accurately determine the therapeutic dose.

Folk recipes with pomegranate from pressure

The benefits and harms of pomegranate juice and how it affects blood pressure have long been studied in traditional medicine. There are many effective recipes, some of which are listed below.

So, to increase blood pressure, you can resort to the help of such treatment. Add 2-3 tablespoons of brandy to a glass of diluted pomegranate juice. The resulting drink will allow you to first expand the vessels, and then narrow. Cognac has a fairly long-term therapeutic effect. But such treatment must be approached with caution so as not to get the opposite result.

At high pressure, you need to cut the fruit into slices, grind it together with the peel using a food processor or meat grinder. Squeeze out the juice and dilute with bottled water. Take the resulting drink half a cup 1 time per day for two or more months. If the drink turns out to be very sour, you can add honey - no more than a tablespoon per serving.

Another way to make a pomegranate pressure medicine. Peel the grains and mash them with a wooden crush. This will release juice, which must be filtered and mixed with beet (carrot) fresh juice. This combination in the drink will make it more effective at high pressures.

Attention! By consuming blood pressure medications, in the preparation of which pomegranate peels were also involved, you can raise the level of hemoglobin.


It is best to drink pomegranate juice diluted with drinking water or other juice that harmoniously fits into its taste. It is advisable to use a straw in this case, since frequent and careless drinking of the drink can soon cause deterioration of the condition of the tooth enamel due to the high content of organic acids.

If a person does not suffer from any gastrointestinal diseases, it is best to drink pomegranate juice on an empty stomach. In the presence of hyperacid gastritis, ulcers, a healthy drink will most likely have to be abandoned. In case of increased acidity of the stomach, pomegranate juice should be drunk one hour after a meal.


Whether pomegranate juice raises or lowers blood pressure - there is no definite answer. The fruit can be useful in either case. Here it is important to consult a doctor and not violate his recommendations regarding the intake of this drink.

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