Currant jam without cooking through a meat grinder

Currant jam without cooking through a meat grinder

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Raw blackcurrant jam is not only a tasty treat for children and adults. Scientists from the UK have recently established that this berry is one of the most beneficial to health. But even without the belated conclusions of scientists, tasty and healthy black currant has long been known among the people as a storehouse of vitamins and microelements. Traditional medicine uses all parts of the plant, but berries are considered especially valuable. They are dried, boiled, frozen. And in any form, the mineral and vitamin composition practically does not lose its value. For those who still doubt the usefulness of traditional jam, there is a great alternative - raw jam, cooked without boiling.

Useful properties of live blackcurrant jam

In cooking, black currant is used to make raw jam, which can be easily made at home. A sweet product that has not passed the stage of heat treatment is considered the most useful, since it retains those vitamins that can be destroyed during cooking. Raw jam contains a large amount of vitamin C, which improves immunity, relieves the general condition with a cold and helps to quickly recover after illness. But besides this, healing fruits help:

  • strengthen the cardiovascular system;
  • reduce high blood pressure;
  • improve brain function;
  • alleviate the general condition with arthritis, gout, rheumatism, atherosclerosis;

Healing fruits are used to prevent cancer of the liver, colon, breast. Berries are considered the best way to prevent vitamin deficiency. They also benefit the female body, they are recommended not only as a treatment for the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, they are also indicated for menopause.

Important! You should not use black currant berries for hepatitis, after a stroke, with an exacerbation of stomach and duodenal ulcers, and of course, with individual intolerance.

What you need to make raw blackcurrant jam

Before you start making jam without heat treatment, you should prepare the necessary kitchen utensils:

  • a wide pan in which the twisted berries will be mixed with sugar;
  • a wooden spoon with a long handle (this is ideally, if there is none, you can use a regular one);
  • food processor or meat grinder;
  • glass jars (preferably half-liter or liter);
  • plastic or screw caps.

Important! Since the recipe for raw jam does not involve a cooking process, all inventory should be well washed and sterilized.

How to make raw blackcurrant jam

To make raw blackcurrant jam, the fruits are twisted in a meat grinder or chopped with a food processor. The main ingredient is fresh ripe berries. At the first stage, the fruits are sorted out, the stalks are cut off, crumpled and rotten ones are separated - a product that will not undergo heat treatment must be of high quality. Then washed well. First, they fill it with water and collect the floating stems, leaves and other debris. The next step is washing under running water. When the water drains, the berries are scattered in one layer on a clean linen or cotton cloth so that the remaining water is absorbed and the currants dry out. And then you just need to chop the fruits and mix them with sugar. The value of uncooked fresh blackcurrant jam is that it allows you to enjoy the natural flavor of the berry in winter and get maximum health benefits.

Blackcurrant jam recipes without cooking

There are many cooking recipes, but the nuance is that raw blackcurrant jam for the winter is prepared without water and cooking. The basis is a classic recipe, which contains only sugar and black currant.

Simple blackcurrant jam without water

This is the easiest way to make a raw treat for the winter. The process itself does not take much time and consists of the following stages:

  1. Sorted, washed and dried berries are twisted through a meat grinder or chopped on a food processor.
  2. The resulting mass is transferred to an enamel pan, then the required amount of sugar is poured.
  3. Berry puree is periodically stirred with a spoon until the sugar is completely dissolved, otherwise it will simply settle to the bottom of the jar.
  4. The finished mass is transferred to clean glass jars and covered with a lid.


  • 1 kg of black currant berries;
  • 1.5 kg of sugar.

There is no need to add water to the jam prepared in this way. The currants are quite juicy, and the resulting product has a pleasant consistency of medium density.

Important! If you squeeze the juice from the twisted berries and dissolve the sugar in it, then you will get an excellent jelly for the winter. Currants contain a large amount of pectins, which have excellent gelling properties.

Uncooked black currant jam with blueberries

These two berries not only harmoniously combine in taste, but also create a super-vitamin product that will be simply irreplaceable in winter.

Required Ingredients:

  • 1 kg of black currant;
  • 0.5 kg of blueberries;
  • 2-2.5 kg of sugar.

The process of preparing the fruit for processing and the preparation of this raw jam is similar to that described above:

  1. Chop the prepared berries.
  2. Add sugar and, stirring occasionally, dissolve it in the berry mass.
  3. Transfer the finished product to a clean jar and close the lid.

Important! This duo is undoubtedly of great benefit. But they should not get carried away by people suffering from urolithiasis, a disease of the pancreas, which has high acidity and poor blood clotting.

Black and red currant jam without cooking

The combination of black and red currants will delight you with an interesting taste, unforgettable aroma and, of course, double benefits. To prepare this delicacy, you need to stock up on:

  • 1 kg of each type of currant;
  • 2 kg of sugar.

The cooking process repeats the same sequence:

  1. Sort the berries, rinse, dry, grind.
  2. Put the berry mass in a saucepan or bowl of a suitable size.
  3. Pour out all the sugar, stir until it is completely dissolved.
  4. Packaged in banks.

Important! The bones in red currants are slightly larger than in black ones. Therefore, it is advisable to twist the red fruits separately and rub through a sieve. However, for those who do not interfere with the bones, the cooking process can be left the same.

Calorie content of cold blackcurrant jam

Blackcurrant itself is a low-calorie product - only 44 kcal per 100 g. But refined sugar is another matter, the same amount of the product contains almost 400 kcal. If you carry out simple calculations, it turns out that in 100 g of raw jam there are about 222 kcal.

Terms and conditions of storage

Whatever the recipe for raw blackcurrant jam, it should be consumed during the winter period. Store the sweet product in the refrigerator. To prevent the started treat from becoming moldy, apply it with a clean, dry spoon. Freezing a sweet product almost doubles the shelf life. To do this, raw jam is laid out in plastic containers intended for freezing and sent to the freezer.

Important! Sugar is an excellent preservative, so many housewives often prepare raw jam in the ratio: 1 part black currant and 2 parts sugar. Such a product in the refrigerator can stand for more than a year. Its only drawback is the candling, which starts after about six months.


Raw blackcurrant jam is a healthy and tasty product that will strengthen your health in winter and remind you of a hot summer. Other berries can be added to the main ingredient, this will only improve the taste and benefits. But it should be remembered that any of the products used to prepare this delicacy has not only benefits, but also contraindications.

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