Jerusalem artichoke: benefits and harms to the body

Jerusalem artichoke: benefits and harms to the body

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Useful properties and contraindications of Jerusalem artichoke are an urgent question for lovers of unusual products. This plant is used both for treatment and for food, so it is interesting to study the beneficial properties and photos of the Jerusalem artichoke pear.

Nutritional value and composition of Jerusalem artichoke

The medical and nutritional value of Jerusalem artichoke is due to its rich composition. Basically, useful components are concentrated in the root of the plant, an earthen pear, but the above-ground parts also have valuable properties.

The vitamins in Jerusalem artichoke contain the following:

  • retinol and thiamine, carotene;
  • riboflavin and choline;
  • pantothenic acid;
  • vitamins C and E;
  • nicotinic acid and vitamin K;
  • potassium and iron;
  • sodium and selenium;
  • copper and manganese;
  • pyridoxine;
  • folic acid B9;
  • zinc, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium.

Also, the plant contains a lot of fiber, the useful composition includes organic acids and a large amount of water.

Calorie content of Jerusalem artichoke

An earthen pear belongs to the category of vegetables, so the calorie content of the product is low. 100 g contains only 73 kcal, the product can be consumed even with a tendency to obesity.

BZHU content in Jerusalem artichoke

The nutrients in the earthen pear are distributed as follows: 17 g of the product are carbohydrates, 2 g are proteins, and only 0.1 g is allocated to fats. Thus, Jerusalem artichoke can be considered an easy-to-digest product.

What does Jerusalem artichoke taste like?

The earthen pear remains a rather exotic product, so not everyone is familiar with its taste. According to most people, fresh Jerusalem artichoke resembles a cabbage stump or turnip with a slight nutty flavor. After heat treatment, the taste of the product changes and becomes more like a mushroom.

Is it possible to eat Jerusalem artichoke raw

If the earthen pear is of high quality, fresh and well washed, then you can use it raw, it will be beneficial. The product can be used in the same way as other vegetables - it can be eaten fresh, boiled or baked. However, it should be remembered that the taste of raw Jerusalem artichoke is quite specific and not everyone likes it.

Why is Jerusalem artichoke useful?

An earthen pear is appreciated not only for its unusual appearance and taste, but also for a lot of useful properties. With regular use, the product has a pronounced positive effect on the body:

  • helps with colds and bowel ailments;
  • improves metabolism and protects the heart from ailments;
  • strengthens blood vessels and helps fight high blood pressure;
  • accelerates the elimination of toxins from the body and cleanses tissues from toxins;
  • has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and improves brain function.

Attention! Eating an earthen pear is useful in case of a lack of vitamins and minerals in the body. Jerusalem artichoke contains a large amount of potassium and is also very rich in B vitamins.

Why Jerusalem artichoke is useful for men

The benefits of Jerusalem artichoke for the body are especially pronounced in relation to men. First of all, the product has a fast and powerful positive effect on potency. An earthen pear helps to enhance libido, prevents prostate diseases, and also stimulates the production of sperm and improves their quality - it is useful to use the product when planning conception.

  • When the potency is weakened, Jerusalem artichoke is recommended to be eaten raw or processed every day, this will be enough so that after a while the problems in the genital area disappear.
  • In addition, half an hour before intimacy, you can consume 100 ml of fresh earthen pear juice, such a remedy will have an almost instant positive effect.

The use of Jerusalem artichoke for men is not only a beneficial effect on potency. The product serves as an effective prevention of cardiovascular ailments, which are especially susceptible to men after 40 years. Earthen pear cleans and makes more elastic blood vessels, improves the work of the heart muscle and strengthens the overall endurance of the body.

Why Jerusalem artichoke is useful for women

The beneficial properties of the Jerusalem artichoke pear are also manifested in relation to the beautiful half of humanity. First of all, the product saves women from the development of anemia, chronic fatigue and muscle weakness, as it saturates the body with a large amount of valuable components.

It is useful to consume Jerusalem artichoke during menstruation - due to the increased iron content, it will avoid a decrease in hemoglobin levels. The product evens out the hormonal background and therefore helps to cope with mood swings, increases psychological stability and, in general, has a tonic effect.

An unusual product has anti-cancer properties, like most vegetables, Jerusalem artichoke contains many antioxidants. It is useful for the prevention of oncology, and with an existing disease. It is impossible not to note the beneficial effect of the product on female beauty, when using an earthen pear, the condition of the epidermis and hair improves, nails and teeth become stronger.

Is Jerusalem artichoke possible during pregnancy

During the period of bearing a child, you can use the product, it will be of great benefit. First of all, Jerusalem artichoke will help to avoid a decrease in immunity and anemia - expectant mothers often suffer from a lack of vitamins, and an earthen pear eliminates the deficiency of nutrients in the body. In addition, the product has laxative properties, so it will help get rid of constipation, which also often accompanies pregnant women.

During pregnancy, earthen pear regulates hunger and reduces toxicosis, helps eliminate heartburn. The product is also useful for the developing fetus, since all the valuable substances in its composition contribute to the normal formation of the baby's body.

Is it possible for a nursing mother Jerusalem artichoke

During lactation, Jerusalem artichoke is allowed, it will benefit the woman and improve the composition of breast milk. True, in order to avoid negative reactions in a baby, an earthen pear should be boiled. Fresh food contains too much fiber and can cause flatulence and colic in the baby.

Is Jerusalem artichoke possible for children

The vitamin product has a beneficial effect on the state of the child's body. If you include Jerusalem artichoke in the baby's menu, the vegetable will help strengthen the child's immunity and prevent disruptions in the digestive process. In addition, in winter, an earthen pear will serve as an excellent prevention of vitamin deficiency.

The benefits of the product are very high, and Jerusalem artichoke rarely causes harm, therefore, it can be introduced into the children's diet from 8 months. At first, you need to give the root of Jerusalem artichoke to the child in a boiled form and in small quantities, along with other dishes. As a separate dish, Jerusalem artichoke can be offered to babies after 3 years, at this age the child's intestines will be able to cope with the large amount of fiber present in the product.

Attention! Since in rare cases the properties of an earthen pear can be harmful to the body, it is imperative to consult a pediatrician before introducing an unusual product into a children's diet.

What Jerusalem artichoke helps with

Earthen pear, raw and processed, can serve not only as a tasty food product, but also as a medicine. The benefits of Jerusalem artichoke for the human body are used to treat many ailments, if you follow proven recipes, the beneficial effect of using the product will be very pronounced.

Does Jerusalem artichoke help with pressure

Earthen pear juice is useful in case of pressure surges and chronic hypertension. Fresh root vegetable needs to be grated on a fine grater, then squeeze out the required amount of juice through tightly folded gauze - about 100 ml. The juice is diluted with water in an equal volume, and then the product is taken in a glass three times a day.

How to take Jerusalem artichoke for diseases of the pancreas

Jerusalem artichoke is one of the few foods allowed for pancreatitis. The vegetable improves metabolic processes, promotes the production of necessary enzymes and helps to digest food faster, therefore, with inflammation of the pancreas, it will be beneficial.

You cannot eat a vegetable during the period of the most acute pains, but as soon as the exacerbation subsides, you can enter raw Jerusalem artichoke into the diet and consume it 150 g per day. It is also allowed to eat a boiled or dried earthen pear, but you must refuse from pickled and fried Jerusalem artichoke, they will have an irritating effect on the diseased organ.

Important! An earthen pear will bring the greatest benefit in pancreatitis if it is eaten with the peel, but, of course, the vegetable must be thoroughly washed before that.

Joint treatment with Jerusalem artichoke

The product contains calcium and silicon, so it is beneficial for joints - it strengthens bones and ligaments. It is enough to eat 50 g of Jerusalem artichoke per day so that the feeling of stiffness in the joints goes away, and the pain sensations noticeably decrease. It is useful to use the product for arthritis and rheumatism, with radiculitis and osteochondrosis, the benefits will be from both raw and boiled vegetables.

Rules for use for gout

The properties of the earthen pear provide significant benefits in the deposition of harmful salts in the joints. For gout, Jerusalem artichoke is used in a variety of ways, for example:

  • make compresses for sore joints - the fresh root of the vegetable must be grinded into gruel, laid out on gauze or cloth and applied to the sore spot for an hour;
  • take healing baths with the addition of a decoction of dried Jerusalem artichoke - 1.5 kg of raw materials are poured into 8 liters of water, boiled for about half an hour and added to a filled container;
  • take a healing infusion inside, 2 large tablespoons of finely chopped dried earthen pears pour 500 ml of hot water, insist overnight, and then filter and drink 100 ml four times a day.

Attention! With gout, Jerusalem artichoke can be included in the daily diet and taken in salads and other dishes on a regular basis.

Why is an earthen pear useful for anemia

The vitamin composition of the product is of great benefit in case of a deficiency of nutrients in the body. The raw washed tuber of the plant must be finely grated, then squeeze the juice out of the gruel through cheesecloth or a fine strainer. A large spoonful of honey is added to a glass of juice, mixed and drunk on an empty stomach in the morning and evening.

Since a huge amount of vitamins and minerals is concentrated in the juice of the plant, the product eliminates anemia very quickly, and the state of health improves.

How to take Jerusalem artichoke for gastrointestinal diseases

The valuable properties of Jerusalem artichoke tubers are of great benefit in case of malfunctions of the stomach and intestines. It is recommended to consume a vegetable and products based on it for gastritis and ulcers; it is necessary to drink 100 ml of fresh juice squeezed from raw tubers three times a day.

Important! It is recommended to take Jerusalem artichoke with an ulcer during the period of remission. During the acute course of the disease, it is better to abstain from the healing juice, it can damage the body.

Particular benefit will be from Jerusalem artichoke fiber for constipation. To empty the intestines and restore normal metabolic function, you can take in the morning only 50 ml of fresh vegetable juice diluted with water in equal proportions. In addition, the following remedy is beneficial:

  • finely chopped dried earthen pear;
  • mixed with an equal amount of pharmacy chamomile;
  • take 1 large spoon of the resulting mixture and pour 3 cups of hot water.

It takes an hour to infuse the product, then filter the broth and drink it throughout the day, like regular tea. With regular use, such a drink will help return intestinal activity to normal and prevent constipation.

The healing properties of other parts of the plant

Many useful substances are concentrated in the roots of Jerusalem artichoke, but other parts of the plant have similar positive properties. They contain even more antioxidants and flavonoids, which are valuable for any regenerative processes in the body.

Why are Jerusalem artichoke leaves and stems useful?

Healing infusions and decoctions are prepared on the basis of stems and leaves cut before flowering, which help:

  • for skin irritation, scratches, wounds and burns;
  • with gastritis and gastric ulcer;
  • with osteochondrosis and arthritis;
  • with atherosclerosis and anemia;
  • with a cold.

Stems and leaves have healing and restorative properties, so they quickly have a positive effect in almost any inflammatory process.

  • With acute respiratory viral infections and influenza, an infusion of Jerusalem artichoke leaves is beneficial - a large spoonful of raw materials is crushed, 700 ml of hot water is poured and insisted for 10 hours. The filtered product should be taken half a glass three times a day.
  • To cleanse the liver and remove harmful substances from the body, you can prepare an alcoholic tincture on dried leaves. About 500 g of raw materials are poured with a liter of vodka, put in a dark place for 2 weeks, and then filtered and drunk three times a day - a large spoonful of the product must be diluted in 150 ml of water.

Tincture on the stems and leaves of an earthen pear can rub sore joints and make therapeutic compresses. Gauze or cloth is simply moistened in a healing agent, and then fixed on the joint for 20 minutes.

Baths with Jerusalem artichoke leaves and stems

With inflammatory skin diseases and ailments of the joints, a bath with the addition of a healing decoction from the leaves and stems of Jerusalem artichoke helps well. The broth is prepared like this:

  • about 2-3 kg of stems and leaves are properly crushed and filled with 10 liters of water;
  • after boiling over low heat, boil for half an hour;
  • allow the broth to cool slightly and filter through cheesecloth.

The finished product must be poured into the collected bath, the water temperature in which does not exceed 40 ° C. Take a healing bath for 20-25 minutes.

In total, you need to repeat the procedure daily for 20 days, then you should take a break for the same period and, if necessary, undergo the course of treatment again.

The benefits of Jerusalem artichoke tea

The beneficial properties of Jerusalem artichoke are reflected in the recipes for healing tea, this drink can be used for general health promotion, relieving inflammation and maintaining healthy stomach function. It has an unusual refreshing taste and has a complex effect on the body, having a beneficial effect on the digestive, nervous and immune systems.

Tea can be made from both raw tubers and leaves, in both cases there will be benefits from the drink.

  • To make tea from tubers, several washed plant roots must be peeled, soaked in water with lemon juice for 20 minutes, and then drained. The tubers are crushed using a blender or a meat grinder, the gruel is placed in a thermos and poured with boiling water for 8 hours, and then filtered before use.
  • Leaf tea can be prepared from both fresh and dry raw materials. A few large spoons of leaves are simply poured into a thermos and infused for 2-3 hours, and then they are drunk like regular tea.

Since Jerusalem artichoke drinks have an unusual taste and not everyone likes, you can put a little honey in them.

The use of the healing properties of earthen pear in cosmetology

Since Jerusalem artichoke contains a huge amount of vitamins, antioxidants and flavonoids, it is also used for beauty care. Funds based on it have a pronounced rejuvenating effect, smooth out even deep wrinkles and improve the color and relief of the face.In addition, an earthen pear in cosmetology helps to get rid of acne and acne breakouts, and the benefits for hair are manifested in the fact that the Jerusalem artichoke infusion strengthens the curls and returns them a healthy shine.

To strengthen weakened hair, you can use the following remedy:

  • 4 large tablespoons of crushed leaves of the plant are poured with a liter of hot water;
  • insist for 40 minutes;
  • filter, and then rinse the curls after a scheduled wash.

To get rid of wrinkles, you can prepare the following mask:

  • 3 fresh tubers are washed and then grated on a fine grater;
  • the gruel is mixed with half a teaspoon of honey;
  • the mixture is spread over clean face skin for 20 minutes.

The effect of using the product becomes noticeable after about 10 procedures, and it is recommended to make the mask at least 20 times in total.

Limitations and contraindications for admission

Useful properties and contraindications of Jerusalem artichoke vegetable are adjacent to each other, in some situations it is better not to use an earthen pear. Contraindications for her are:

  • hypotension;
  • individual allergy to the product;
  • a tendency to diarrhea and increased gas production.

It should be noted that the contraindications of Jerusalem artichoke are more related to the fresh tubers of the plant. For example, after heat treatment, the vegetable contains much less fiber and, with moderate use, the product does not cause flatulence.


Useful properties and contraindications of Jerusalem artichoke largely depend on the volume of use and on the state of the body of a particular person. For most people, the unusual vegetable is beneficial and helps to get rid of a number of unpleasant symptoms.

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