Planting eggplants for seedlings according to the lunar calendar

Planting eggplants for seedlings according to the lunar calendar

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To get a harvest earlier than usual or to grow extraordinary varieties of vegetables, gardeners themselves sow seeds for seedlings. This technique allows not only to reduce the time before harvesting, but also to provide varietal diversity.

After all, it is not always possible to purchase ready-made seedlings of your favorite species. Gardeners know that important conditions are:

  • the right choice of variety;
  • seed quality;
  • competent care of seedlings;
  • fulfillment of the conditions of agricultural technology for adult plants.

But one more daunting condition is the maintenance of the optimal time for sowing seeds for seedlings. Each culture has its own characteristics, so the lunar calendar always comes to the aid of summer residents.

The time of sowing and planting eggplant seedlings in 2019 greatly affects the quality of vegetables and yield. With timely planting, gardeners believe that they have completed the main first task. The second condition will be care when planting seedlings. If you injure the roots, then the survival of the plant will be threatened. And the third, very important, is the time of work. At this stage, all factors are taken into account for sowing eggplant for seedlings.

The timing of sowing eggplant seeds and planting seedlings is checked against the recommendations of the lunar sowing calendar. After all, carrying out these operations "when necessary" is extremely frivolous. Many gardeners use the advice of experienced farmers, but in these advice there are always calculations regarding the Moon phases. Why is the Moon the starting point for gardening? The answer is simple. Due to its enormous influence on the movement of fluids. Therefore, choosing the "correct" or favorable day for various actions, we greatly facilitate the entire period of development for plants.

Why it is important to consider the "lunar" impact

Even in antiquity, it was noticed that the development of plants differs depending on the time the Moon passes through the various signs of the zodiac. Unlucky days for gardening were the days of the new moon, full moon and eclipses, both lunar and solar. At this time, the radiation of the planet changes, and the plants have to rebuild. All the energy spent on restructuring reduces the strength of eggplants for fruiting and growth. As a result, if we are sowing seeds or planting seedlings on these days, then the plant is experiencing an extra load.

From the moment of the "new" moon or new moon and until the complete opposite (full moon), water is attracted - tides. The liquid tends upward. In eggplant seedlings, sap flow begins from the underground part (root system) to the aboveground one. This includes the stem, leaves, flowers, and fruits. On a full moon day, the plants are full of strength, resistant to adverse influences, maximally saturated with useful substances. Therefore, the best eggplant harvest is taken on the full moon or on the day after it.

The next stage is characterized by the movement of fluids in the reverse order. At the time of the new moon, all the life force of the eggplant is concentrated in the root system. Therefore, transplanting or planting these days is extremely unfavorable for the culture. The roots may not be able to withstand the slightest damage and the plant will die.

Compliance with the lunar calendar for sowing eggplants has a very good effect on the development of plants. But you cannot rely only on the help of the Luminary. The work of gardeners is the most important factor for eggplants in any year. Therefore, in order to receive a worthy reward at the end of the season, you will have to:

  1. Responsibly choose a variety whose seeds will be sown according to the recommendations of the lunar calendar. Decide which species you prefer. Hybrids are more productive and resistant, but may require specific growing conditions. The more useful properties a hybrid eggplant has, the more it may depend on agricultural technology. The second nuance is for those who like to collect their seeds. This will not work with eggplant hybrids. Rather, you can collect, but the species characteristics for the next year are not saved. Ordinary varieties are less whimsical and retain their parental qualities for several years. As a result, the productivity of a common variety may be higher.
  2. Sow "blue" vegetables for seedlings only with high-quality seeds. Sowing eggplants for seedlings according to the lunar calendar is carried out with seeds not older than 3 years. Therefore, in 2019, seed should be used no later than 2016. If it is possible to sow eggplant seeds harvested later, then that is even better. Better not to risk it, because eggplants are plants with a long growing season. If seedlings do not appear due to low-quality seeds, then reseeding will postpone the desired harvest time.
  3. Use a well-formulated soil mixture for sowing eggplant according to the lunar calendar. The composition of the soil significantly affects the health and strength of the grown seedlings, which will affect the productivity of the plant. The lunar calendar also helps gardeners here. After all, the composition of the soil also changes on certain days. This is taken into account when sowing eggplant according to the lunar calendar to draw up a feeding schedule.

How to determine the optimal days for sowing eggplant according to the lunar calendar?

We follow the "lunar" rules

The most reliable way is to follow the recommendations of the 2019 sowing calendar exactly, but without fanaticism. What does it mean? Eggplants are sown at the recommended dates according to the lunar calendar only if the weather conditions of the region allow it. How to check it. It is necessary to determine the best time for planting seedlings for permanent residence.

Advice! All crops that yield in the aerial part are planted during the growing moon, otherwise, after the new moon to the full moon.

We find out these days at the beginning of June, taking into account the thermal regime, and determine the day of the planned landing. Let's take for the calculation one of the numbers - May 24. This date in the northern regions is used for planting eggplant in a greenhouse. Then we subtract the main indicators. Eggplant is not an excellent germination crop. With this in mind, try to choose a day with a small margin.

On average, seedlings are planted at 70 days of age. The maximum period from sowing to emergence is 12 days.

The calculation will be very simple. We subtract 82 days that we need to grow strong seedlings, we find the date in the lunar calendar of 2019 for sowing eggplant, which is as close as possible to our calculated one.

Advice! In 2019, the lunar sowing calendar advises sowing eggplants for seedlings at the end of February on the 23rd.

After doing all the calculations, choose a suitable date. It should be noted that sowing eggplant according to the lunar calendar can be carried out within 10 days after the day of the new moon or 3 days before it. This applies to non-germinated seeds. The moon affects the "living", hatching seed. Therefore, it will begin its effect when the seed grows.

Important! Avoid unfavorable days. In February 2019, these are the numbers 14, 15 and 16, in March - 1-3, 16, 30.

The lunar calendar for sowing eggplant is very useful. It is a system that has been proven by years of observing the behavior and yield of eggplants. There are more or less detailed sowing calendars. The simple version contains a list of favorable and unfavorable days, the second additionally indicates the influence of the signs of the zodiac through which the moon passes.

What other recommendations of the lunar calendar are useful for gardeners

The timing for planting eggplant seedlings for permanent residence is very important. Now you have to follow the signs of the zodiac. On different days, certain nutrients accumulate in the fruits, respectively, the harvested vegetables will differ in taste and useful composition. When the Moon is in the sign of Cancer, the fruits are juicier, Capricorns are well stored, Fish and Taurus will make their taste softer.

Important! Do not forget to take into account the climatic and soil characteristics of your region.

The lunar calendar gives general recommendations for sowing eggplant.

Read the instructions of the varieties carefully to take into account the individual characteristics.

Planting eggplant seedlings, carried out according to the recommendations of the lunar calendar, will make it easier for plants to take root, better resist climatic changes, diseases and pests.

The lunar calendar will bring invaluable benefits, but it is important to comply with the rest of the rules of eggplant agricultural technology.

  1. Having calculated the sowing time, it is necessary to properly prepare the seed material. To do this, it is disinfected in a solution of potassium permanganate, washed and immersed in a composition with nutrients. A common composition is one tablespoon of nitrophoska or other fertilizer + wood ash. The mixture is diluted in a liter of water and eggplant seeds are dipped into it for a day. Then gardeners prefer to germinate their seeds for faster germination of the seedlings.
  2. Eggplants react sharply to transplantation. Therefore, place the seeds in the common planting box at a sufficient distance, or place each seed in a separate container. The close location will lead to intertwining of the roots and the transplant will be painful for the plants. It is better to plant seedlings with a clod of earth.
  3. The soil must also meet the requirements of the crop. Fertility is increased by top dressing and fertilization. Take ready-made seedling mixture. Phosphorus or calcined sand can be added. Fresh humus is unusable. It leads to exuberant foliage growth and a weakening of fruit nutrition.
  4. Eggplants are also sensitive to soil moisture. Choose lunar days to water adult plants. Seedlings are watered three times a day at the base of the stem.
  5. The temperature for eggplants sown according to the lunar calendar is maintained in the range of day + 21 + 25 ° С and night + 18 ° С. For the first time, the planted plants in the ground are sheltered from night frosts.

Helping gardeners of the lunar calendar does not end there. After competently studying the recommendations, you can:

  1. Water and nourish the eggplants on time. To do this, choose the days on which the plant absorbs substances from the soil as much as possible.
  2. Harvest. Choosing the right timing will allow you to collect the most delicious eggplants and keep them longer.

Eggplant is not the easiest crop to care for. But in any case, self-grown eggplant seedlings according to the lunar calendar will be healthier and more reliable than the purchased one. Adhering to the prescriptions of the lunar calendar for sowing eggplants, you will be able to:

  • sow and plant seedlings;
  • watering and feeding;
  • to do disease prevention;
  • carry out pest control;
  • collect a quality crop.

This will make it possible to avoid unnecessary problems and make eggplant care less laborious. And eggplants will be thanked for their care with delicious aromatic fruits.

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