Statitsa (kermek): growing seedlings, timing and rules for planting seeds

Statitsa (kermek): growing seedlings, timing and rules for planting seeds

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Growing statice from seeds at home is the most popular way to propagate this crop. Other methods often cause many difficulties associated with the sensitive root system of the plant. Seeds for growing seedlings can be harvested on their own at a certain time, or purchased in specialized stores.

Features of growing statice from seeds

Statitsa (kermek) is an amazingly beautiful plant with small flowers

Statitsa or kermek (another name for limonium) is a plant from the Pig family. Representatives are found on almost all continents, growing mainly on saline soils. They are perennials, some varieties are classified as herbs, others as shrubs. The leaf blade is very large, but located close to the soil. Inflorescences are collected in panicles, flowers are small, yellow, burgundy or pink.

Important! The root system of the statice contains special substances - tannids, which are used for the manufacture of leather products. Some plant species are suitable for the production of carpet and leather dyes.

Recently, interest in this culture has increased significantly. This is due to the decorative properties of the plant and the use of statice in landscape design. Therefore, many new hybrid varieties appear.

The statice has excellent stamina. Thanks to the long rod-shaped root system, the plant thrives in any difficult conditions. Therefore, growing kermek (limonium) from seeds does not require much trouble. It takes little skills to choose the right sowing period, prepare the soil and planting material. In addition, it is important to choose the right place of growth for the statice so that it can develop comfortably. In its natural habitat, the plant inhabits the shores of seas and rivers, therefore, well-ventilated areas are not afraid of it. The soil should have a crumbly structure. In such a soil, excess moisture does not stagnate and there is good air circulation.

Planting statice seedlings

Seedlings are often purchased in stores, and experienced gardeners grow kermek from seeds on their own. The process will require the implementation of certain rules: preparation of planting material, soil, containers for seedlings, as well as compliance with other important nuances. Such preparations for growing seedlings will help the plant grow and develop properly.

When to plant statice seedlings

Sowing statice for seedlings should be done only after proper preparation. The best period is early March. In this case, by the time the seedlings are planted in open ground, the seedlings will be quite strong and prepared. The first shoots can be expected to appear in 5 days.

In nature, statice likes to grow on loose, sandy soils.

Advice! If a gardener wants a beautiful ornamental plant, proper care is required. Then the shrub grows up to 1.5 m with straight leaves collected from the ground into an outlet. Flowering is profuse and occurs in July.

Preparation of containers and soil

To sow statice seeds for seedlings, you will need a universal soil mixture, which is purchased in stores. But many gardeners prefer to prepare the soil with their own hands, believing that this culture requires a special soil. To do this, add sand to it, carefully sift the resulting mixture, and then ignite it in the oven for an hour at a temperature of at least 100 ° C. After that, the soil must be moistened.

Planting a statice for seedlings with the help of seeds should be in separate containers, which must be treated with a manganese solution. The most suitable dishes are disposable cups, including peat cups.

Seed preparation

Proper preparation of planting material in order to obtain healthy seedlings is a very interesting process. The seeds of the statice are covered with a kind of film, which makes germination long. It is not advised to clean it. Therefore, many people use the following trick. Using a coarse file or emery paper, sand the nose a little. This procedure is called stratification. It greatly facilitates the germination process. After that, the prepared seeds must be immersed in Epin's solution for a couple of hours or in wet sawdust for several days. Then the planting material can be considered ready for sowing.

How to sow statice for planting

First of all, the soil prepared in advance must be decomposed into containers. Then add one grain to each glass without deepening them. A thin layer of soil is applied on top of the seeds. After the procedure is completed, the containers are covered with plastic wrap. They should be kept in a warm room. In these conditions, seedlings will appear quickly enough.

How to grow statice seedlings from seeds

After planting limonium on seedlings and the appearance of the first shoots, the plants will require careful care with the obligatory implementation of some rules. They are no different from caring for other types of seedlings. Plants will need watering, airing, hardening, loosening the soil.


The first sprouts of statice require watering, a certain room temperature and moderate humidity.

Growing a limonium flower from seeds requires a microclimate suitable for seedlings. It is advisable to keep seedlings in a warm room at a temperature of 16 to 22 ° C. Air humidity should be 50-60%. With this mode, the seedlings will be strong and healthy at the time of planting, with several full-fledged leaves.

Watering and feeding schedule

Do not allow the soil to dry out. Seedlings need to be irrigated daily with a spray bottle. As for dressings, frequent application is not required. If the seedlings are weakened, then experts recommend liquid solutions, Fertik's complex fertilizer. As a rule, at the first stage of development, seedlings have enough nutrients from the soil.


Growing many species of statice from seeds, including Suvorov's limonium, requires a dive. However, for many gardeners, this issue is controversial. But if the seedlings have sprouted too often, then the root system is tightly intertwined. In this case, transplanting into the ground will be much more difficult. They need to be planted because the plants lack food, sunlight and space in cramped conditions. A pick is made when 3 leaves have formed on the seedlings.

The diving algorithm is as follows:

  • a few hours before the procedure, you need to water the containers with seedlings;
  • fill new containers with soil;
  • remove seedlings and place in new containers;
  • water, leave on the sunny side of the room.

During this period, the seedlings will need a sufficient amount of light, otherwise, they will be very weak.


From mid-April, you can start hardening the seedlings. To do this, the container with seedlings must be taken out into the street every day, increasing the time spent in the air. By the time the seedlings can be transplanted into the ground, they will be quite ready for this.

Transfer to the ground

Many people value statice for bouquets in combination with other dried flowers.

It is impossible to delay with a transplant in open ground, since the statice is distinguished by the rapid development of the root system. It is recommended to land after the establishment of constant positive values ​​of the air temperature. In the weather conditions of central Russia, the end of May is suitable for this. The statice needs a sunny place with loose, drained soil. The spacing between seedlings should be 30 cm.

Attention! Kermek grows well and develops in the open field, without requiring constant attention. The plant will need watering if the leaf plates lose turgor and periodic loosening of the soil.

When and how to collect statice seeds

Statice seeds are very small, oblong in shape. They are harvested in July. It is during this period that the fruits begin to form, in which the seeds are located. They need to be placed in a tightly closed container and stored until spring.


Growing statice from seeds at home is not a particularly difficult task, but it requires certain knowledge, experience and time. All efforts to grow seedlings are more than compensated for after planting the plant in open ground, since limonium is unpretentious. All the numerous varieties are beautiful and able to decorate any site.

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