Lunar calendar watermelon landing dates 2019

Lunar calendar watermelon landing dates 2019

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Moon affects watermelon

It is interesting that each vegetable, fruit, berry or other culture is protected by its own element. In the case of watermelon, 2 of them immediately have a favorable effect - air and water. And the moon also has its effect on this berry. Therefore, when planting seeds for seedlings, it is important to pay attention to favorable and unfavorable days according to the Lunar calendar 2018.

Preparing seeds and soil for planting

Before you start planting seeds, you need to carefully prepare them. How much seedlings take root and how quickly it takes to grow depends on this preliminary stage. Gardeners can take these tips:

  1. First, the seeds should be laid out on a cloth or newspaper and placed for several days under a lamp - they will warm up well and dry out (if necessary).
  2. At the same time, all apparently unhealthy seeds are removed. It is very simple to identify them: all seeds are placed in water, and those that come up after an hour are removed.
  3. Then the material is sent to a water bath (water temperature - not more than +60aboutFROM). After 2-3 hours of heating, the water cools, and there the seeds will be there until the beginning of peeling.
  4. Immediately before planting, watermelon seeds are etched for 15 minutes in a 1% potassium permanganate solution.

To start, the seeds should be carefully prepared.

The optimal time for planting watermelons

Planting time always depends on the climatic characteristics of a particular region.

Southern regions

You can sow watermelons in the southern zone (Crimea, Kuban, Stavropol Territory and other regions) in the middle or second half of April. Just in case make it better in the greenhouse or at least cover it with plastic, to be safe in case of short-term frosts.

Siberia and the Urals

In the Siberian and Ural regions, it is recommended to plant seeds only at the beginning of June: the soil at this point is finally warming up, although frosts are still possible. Therefore, it is better to immediately take care of the film shelter - then the safety of seedlings is guaranteed.

Midland and Moscow Region

In the middle lane, the optimal period is mid-May. Of course, if the soil has not yet warmed up, planting is done after the 20th. And if there is a greenhouse or just a film shelter, you can place seedlings in the first decade of the month.

Lunar sowing calendar for 2018

Lunar calendar planting watermelons in 2018

Sowing is carried out on those days when the influence of the moon is most favorable, i.e. in this case, on a waning star. Ideally, landings are made immediately after the full moon.

In 2018, the dates are as follows:

  • at the very end of February - the 27th and 28th;
  • in March - from 19 to 24;
  • in April - from 5 to 9, as well as 20-24;
  • in May there will also be 2 periods - from 4 to 9 and from 19 to 23;
  • finally, in June you can land from the 2nd to the 6th day.

Sowing watermelon seeds when the moon is waning

Recommendations for the care of young seedlings

You can get a good crop of sweet watermelons in almost any region. First of all, it is important to ensure normal watering and top dressing. Periodically, measures should be taken against pests.

Watering and feeding

Watermelon is very fond of water and is responsive to fertilizers. but you need to act according to the rules:

  1. Watering begins a week after planting seedlings.
  2. It is watered abundantly, so that the soil is moist at least 70 cm in depth, because the root of the watermelon really grows inland.
  3. The frequency of watering is 2-3 times in the dry season and, if necessary, in the rainy season.
  4. And one more important rule - watering is done only in the evening. Try not to get moisture on the foliage.

As for fertilizers, the mode is as follows:

  1. The first top dressing after the appearance of 3 leaves on seedlings, the second - after a week (complex mineral fertilizers).
  2. Immediately after transplantation into open ground, they are fed humus or compost.
  3. After a decade, nitrogen fertilizers are applied.
  4. And then they feed 2-3 times a month, alternating (in any order) mullein, infusion of herbs, infusion of chicken manure, humus.

Watermelon is responsive to fertilizer

Protection against diseases and pests

Basically, modern varieties of watermelon are quite resistant to pests. However there is melon and enemies, basically two are dangerous:

  • a special kind of aphid (melon);
  • and spider mite.

A melon aphid is particularly dangerous in prolonged rains.

You can deal with them both by special means (insecticides "Fufanon", "Akteplik" and many others), and using folk methods, for example, water infusion from wood ash (infuse water for at least 2 days). In any case, spraying is carried out in the evening, when the sun is low enough. Observe a break of 5-7 days. As a rule, 3 sprayings are enough for the complete destruction of pests.


Melon aphid is especially dangerous in case of prolonged rains (in warm weather) - then the insect is most active. Therefore, it is advisable to treat insecticides the day before.

How to plant a watermelon

Thus, it is possible to grow tasty southern berries in Siberia, the Urals, and other regions of the country. Of course, watermelons grow different in size, but if you follow the simple rules of care, they will certainly please you with their juiciness and sugar content.

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