Rules for operating a snow blower with a walk-behind tractor Luch

Rules for operating a snow blower with a walk-behind tractor Luch

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To complete the tasks set by the walk-behind tractor, attachments are required. Each manufacturer is trying to functionally expand the capabilities of his equipment, so he produces all kinds of diggers, planters, plows and other devices. Now we will consider a snow blower SM-0.6 for the Luch walk-behind tractor, which will help to clean the sidewalks and the area adjacent to the house in winter.

Review of the snow blower SM-0.6

Attachments are often produced universal and suitable for different brands of walk-behind tractor. The same thing happens with the SM-0.6 snowplow. In addition to the Luch walk-behind tractor, the snow blower will fit the equipment of the Neva, Oka, Salyut, etc. brands.

Important! Attachments to the walk-behind tractor can be used of any brand. The main thing is that it is suitable for the mount, and also does not create unnecessary load on the engine. About the compatibility of the walk-behind tractor model and additional equipment, you need to ask the sellers where you buy the equipment.

The cost of the SM-0.6 snowplow is within 15 thousand rubles. The domestic manufacturer gives a two-year warranty for its product. The weight of the snow blower is 50 kg. By design, the CM-0.6 model is a rotary, single-stage type. Snow is taken in and thrown away by the auger, and the engine of the Ray walk-behind tractor sets it in motion. In this case, the unit itself moves at a speed of 2 to 4 km / h. The snow blower is capable of capturing a 66 cm wide strip of snow in one pass. At the same time, the height of the snow cover should not exceed 25 cm. A working snow blower throws snow aside by 3-5 m.

Important! The accumulated layers of snow and ice are difficult to clean. It is easier for the snow blower to deal with mild build-up on the walkways or near the house.

Operating rules for SM-0.6 with a walk-behind tractor Luch

Before starting to operate the CM-0.6 with the Luch walk-behind tractor, you need to master a number of important rules:

  • check the reliability of the coupling of the equipment with the walk-behind tractor;
  • turn the snow blower rotor by hand to check the smooth running and make sure there are no loose blades;
  • be sure to cover the belt drive with a cover;
  • so that the thrown snow does not harm passers-by, make sure that there are no people at a distance of 10 m where the snow removal work will take place;
  • carry out any maintenance or inspection of the snow blower only with the engine off.

All these rules are important to ensure your safety and the people around you. Now let's look at what steps you need to perform before starting:

  • To start working with the snow blower, it is attached to the bracket of the walk-behind tractor Beam, fixing it with a metal finger. Next, unlock the tensioner. Here you need to make sure that the roller and tensioner lever are in the down position.
  • First, do the first tension on the belt. For this, the weakened pulley along with the axle is slightly moved up the groove.
  • After the first tension, you can fix the stands with a protective belt guard.
  • The last tension of the belt is carried out with a lever. It is transferred all the way up. After these actions, there should be no slippage of the working snow thrower. If such a problem is observed, the stretch will have to be done again.
  • Now it remains to start the walk-behind tractor, turn on the gear and start moving.

The main working mechanism of the CM-0.6 is the auger. As the shaft rotates, the blades scoop up the snow and push it towards the center of the snow blower body. At this point, there are metal blades opposite the nozzle. They push the snow, thereby throwing it out through the outlet.

Important! The operator can turn the visor of the nozzle head in any direction he wants.

The range of snow throwing depends on the slope of the canopy as well as its direction. The speed of the walk-behind tractor plays an important role. The faster it moves, the more intensively the auger rotates. Naturally, snow is pushed out of the nozzle more strongly.

Service SM-0.6

During snow removal, situations arise that require adjustment of the grip height. For these purposes, there are special runners on the sides. They need to immediately adjust the desired height at the initial stage of work.

Before and after work, a mandatory check of the tightening of all bolted connections of the mechanism is required. This is especially true for the rotor knives. Even a small backlash must be eliminated by tightening the bolts, otherwise the mechanism will break off during operation.

The rotor drives the chain. Check its tension once a season. If the chain on the snow blower body looses, tighten the adjusting screw.

The video shows how the MB-1 Luch walk-behind tractor works in tandem with the Megalodon snowplow:

The device of any snowplow is simple. If you live in a village where the winters are quite snowy, this equipment will help you cope with drifts.

Watch the video: How to Operate the Basic Controls on a Snowblower (September 2022).

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