Pink-plate champignon (graceful): edibility, description and photo

Pink-plate champignon (graceful): edibility, description and photo

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Champignon graceful or pink-lamellar belongs to the edible forest inhabitants of the Champignon family. The species is beautiful and rare, it grows in mixed and deciduous forests, from July to October. To recognize this representative, you must carefully study its external characteristics, view photos and videos.

What does an elegant champignon look like?

The cap is small, reaching a diameter of 10 cm. At a young age, it has a hemispherical shape, straightens with age, leaving a slight rise in the center. The surface is covered with a light gray skin, which can be easily removed during cleaning. The bottom layer is covered with a film, under which dark, wide plates are located. As it grows, the film breaks and descends to the bottom. The rounded leg is light yellow and grows up to 3 cm.

Important! With light pressure on the pulp, a dark spot remains.

Where does the pink-lamellar champignon grow?

Champignon graceful prefers to grow in grass, among deciduous trees. It can also be found on lawns, parks and squares, garden plots and along the road. It grows in single specimens or in small families. The species begins to bear fruit from June to September. Reproduction occurs by elongated spores, which are in a dark brown powder.

Is it possible to eat elegant champignon

This representative of the mushroom kingdom is considered edible. The fruit pulp has a subtle aniseed aroma and a pleasant mushroom flavor. The harvested crop can be boiled, fried, canned and harvested for the winter.

False doubles

Champignon graceful, like any forest dweller, has twins. Such as:

  1. Long-rooted white champignon is an edible species. It can be recognized by a convex-flat hat, measuring up to 13 cm. The edges are tucked up, but over time they straighten and become brittle. The surface is covered with a velvety-scaly skin, snow-white or light brown in color. The dense whitish pulp has a pleasant taste and nutty aroma. The elongated leg is long, reaching up to 12 cm. It grows in warm regions, bears fruit from June to September. The mushroom can be found on personal plots, in gardens, city parks, along roads.
  2. Flatloop is an inedible representative of the mushroom kingdom. The species has an ovoid cap, no more than 10 cm in size. The surface is covered with white dry skin with numerous light brown scales. The fibrous stem is clavate, reaching 9 cm. A large ring is located at the base, which appears after the film breaks through. The pulp is dense, exudes an unpleasant odor. This specimen grows in deciduous forests, enters fruiting in the fall. They can be found on lawns and near residential buildings. They grow up in large families, forming a "witch ring". Causes food poisoning if eaten. If the first signs of intoxication appear, you must immediately seek medical help.

Collection rules and use

Young specimens are considered the most delicious and healthy. Therefore, during mushroom hunting, it is better to put mushrooms with a dense film into the basket, the cap of which is 4-6 cm, the fruit body without mechanical damage.

During a quiet hunt, you need to know the basic rules:

  1. It is better to take only young representatives with a pleasant mushroom aroma.
  2. Mushroom picking should be carried out far from roads, in ecologically clean places.
  3. After a quiet hunt, the crop must be processed immediately.
  4. The mushroom is not cut, but carefully twisted, trying not to damage the mycelium. The place of growth is covered with foliage or soil.

Forest harvest cannot be stored for a long time, therefore, processing must be carried out within 6 hours after harvest. Before preparing the dishes, the champignons are inspected; the mushroom suitable for consumption should be evenly colored, not damaged and not have dark spots. If it exudes an unpleasant odor, it is better to refuse it.

Freshly picked elegant champignon is considered the most delicious and healthy. Mushroom stew, aromatic soups and preparations for the winter are made from it. Also, the crop can be frozen and dried. But you need to remember that frozen mushrooms can be stored for no more than 1 year, and the thawed product is not frozen again.


Champignon graceful - a tasty healthy representative of the mushroom kingdom. It grows on lawns, among deciduous trees and within the city. Since the species has an inedible counterpart, it is necessary to know the external description, since a false double when eaten can cause food poisoning.

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