Sweet strawberry varieties: reviews

Sweet strawberry varieties: reviews

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Only strawberries can be better than strawberries! This is probably why this berry is so popular in the gardens and vegetable gardens of Russians. Strawberries are grown today even by residents of high-rise buildings, because there are many varieties intended for planting in pots or boxes. Strawberries have a lot of advantages, but the main advantages of this berry are the sweet taste and aroma that personify summer.

What qualities of strawberries are most appreciated by summer residents, and which variety to choose for planting on their site - this is the article about this.

What is the value of the strawberry variety

Every gardener who has been growing sweet berries for many years probably already has a couple of favorite varieties. And you can love strawberries for various reasons: someone likes the sweet variety of strawberries, someone puts the yield of berries in the first place, while others even prefer exclusive species that stand out against the general background by the size of berries or exotic taste.

Feedback from experienced gardeners allowed us to rank the most important requirements put forward by farmers for a sweet berry:

  1. The strawberries must be large. The berry can be called such by weight in the range of 50-60 grams. Such sizes of strawberries provide high yields, because up to a kilogram of fruits can be removed from each large-fruited bush. Yes, and such a berry looks very presentable, they will definitely want to buy it (this question usually worries summer residents who grow fruits for sale).
  2. To preserve their presentation for a long time, strawberries must have a dense consistency. Such berries are unlikely to become prey for slugs or become infected with rot, they will not wrinkle during transportation and will look great as a decor.
  3. Productivity has always been a fundamental factor when choosing a variety of any garden crop. Only true connoisseurs of the exclusive taste or unusual appearance of berries may not care about the question of profitability. The rest of the gardeners prefer fruitful varieties that allow not only to get enough fresh fruits from a couple of rows of strawberries, but also to clog something for the winter.
  4. The durability of the variety is equally important. Varieties that can withstand winter frosts, intense heat, periods of drought are preferred. It will be nice if the strawberry chosen for the summer cottage is undemanding to the composition of the soil, does not need complex care and regular feeding. The resistance of the variety to diseases and pests is especially appreciated. And most importantly, along with all this, the berry should be tasty and fruitful.
  5. The taste and aroma of strawberries are probably the most important factors that should be followed when choosing a variety. In order for the berry to smell good and taste good, it must maintain a balance of acids and sugars. Such strawberries will not only be delicious, but also the healthiest.

Attention! The taste of the berries can only be neglected by those who grow fruits for sale. For such farmers, the more important is the quantity of the crop and the presentation of strawberries. But summer residents growing strawberries for their own family are more interested in taste characteristics.

The best and sweetest strawberries

It is not often that there are seedlings of such strawberries on sale that would meet all five parameters of a quality fruit. Even the most elite varieties receive a maximum of 90% out of a hundred possible assessment points: it is impossible to create an ideal berry that meets the requirements of all gardeners.

However, of the whole variety of varieties and varieties, the best can still be distinguished: those that differ in size, persistence or sweetness.

Advice! For those who have time to care for strawberry beds, remontant varieties are preferable.

Indeed, a gardener will be able to harvest from such bushes three to four times a year. But for this, the strawberries will have to be carefully looked after: planting bushes, regularly fertilizing the soil and watering the beds abundantly.

Avis Delight

An excellent variety that meets several requirements of farmers at once:

  • strawberries are very productive - with good care, the farmer will receive about three kilograms of fresh berries from each bush;
  • perfectly tolerates a difficult climate, possible frost and pest attacks;
  • the berries are very sweet and have a strong strawberry flavor;
  • The presentation of the fruits is also at a height - strawberries are even, shiny, large.

Seedlings of such strawberries should first of all be purchased by summer residents from the northern regions of the country, because the "Avis Delight" variety is not afraid of cold and high humidity.


Such strawberries will suit true connoisseurs of sweet berries, because the variety has a delicate taste and a very strong aroma. Even not quite ripe "Shelves" berries smell great and contain a lot of sugar, this allows you to harvest while the fruits are dense and transport strawberries over long distances.

It is quite simple to grow a variety, because the "Polka" does not need fertile soils and special conditions, it feels great in an ordinary dacha, is able to cope with a difficult climate and dangerous insects.

In addition to all of the above, strawberries of this variety are also high-yielding.


These berries will delight those who love unconventional tastes and aromas of the fruit. Whitish strawberries are not very large in size, have a thin skin and very delicate flesh. The taste of Pineapple strawberries practically does not differ from traditional varieties, but the aroma of berries is very exotic.

The variety should be grown in open areas of the garden, well lit by the sun, with normal ventilation. If you do not follow these requirements, delicate berries can be hit by gray rot or slugs will enjoy their taste.

Important! "Pineapple" strawberries are completely unsuitable for canning as a whole; after heat treatment, the berries will creep and deform.

It is recommended to use this variety only fresh, so a few exotic bushes will be quite enough for an ordinary summer resident.

Junia Smides

This is a medium-ripening strawberry, so it is suitable for growing in the middle lane and in the north, where there is a high probability of frost in May, which occurs during the flowering period of early varieties. But, if the berry copes with the spring frosts, then too low temperatures in winter can be fatal for strawberries - the variety needs winter shelter.

Junia Smides berries are very tasty, with a strong aroma. The consistency of the fruits is quite dense, which makes it possible to use them for preservation as a whole or for sale.

The berry is not afraid of pests, the thick peel makes the pulp inaccessible for most of them. A distinctive feature of the variety is a very high yield, because an agrarian can collect about two kilograms of fruit from each bush.


This strawberry was brought out quite recently, but it has already gained considerable popularity among Russians. Gardeners appreciate the variety for its high yield, remarkable ability to withstand bad weather and cold conditions, resistance to pests and immunity against most "strawberry" ailments.

The berry taste is quite traditional - sweet and sour, moderately rich aroma. In addition, the fruits can be transported and used for industrial purposes, they are dense and beautiful.

"Chamora turussi"

A strawberry variety originated in Japan. A distinctive feature of the berries is their huge size, because each strawberry can weigh about 100 grams. In one season, a gardener will be able to collect up to three kilograms of an excellent harvest from each bush.

However, not only the appearance of "Chamora Turussi" attracts domestic farmers, this strawberry is very tasty, and its aroma resembles the smell of wild strawberries.

Attention! Chamora Turussi strawberries have such a mass only in the first years after planting.

With each season, the berries will become smaller, but they will still remain large enough and retain their taste.


This strawberry belongs to the Dutch selection. The variety is considered mid-season, and therefore excellent for growing in most of Russia.

The berries of "Primella" are large enough, their weight in the first year can exceed 70 grams. But the variety is famous not for its size, but for its individual characteristics of taste and aroma: this strawberry tastes like pineapple, while the fruits smell like strawberries.

If you take care of the bushes correctly, strawberries of this variety will be able to bear fruit in one place for about 5-6 years, after which the bushes need to be planted. The variety is not afraid of pests, hardened from most diseases and viruses. Strawberries are considered to be very fruitful.


For those who live in the south of the country, or grow strawberries in greenhouses, early maturing varieties are considered more suitable, allowing you to harvest sweet berries in the first half of June.

One of these varieties is "Kimberly". The berries grow large, have a fairly dense pulp, therefore they tolerate transportation well, and can be used for industrial purposes.

Strawberries taste excellent, and this is not surprising, because they are considered one of the record holders in terms of sugar content in berries. Another advantage of the variety is winter hardiness. Even severe frosts are not dangerous for the "Kimberly" bushes, strawberries do not need to be covered for the winter.

Review of Kimberly strawberry

Albina V, 43 years old, Bratsk

I have been cultivating this variety for several years, so I can give several recommendations to those who are just thinking about buying seedlings. The variety should not be grown in the shade, even slightly shaded areas of the garden are unsuitable for this strawberry, as it is often affected by powdery mildew and gray mold. The shape of the strawberries may not be the same, this does not mean at all that the taste of the berries will be spoiled - strawberries are very sweet and appetizing. The height and size of the bushes do not correspond to the parameters declared by the manufacturer of the variety - the bushes are powerful and spreading, which must be taken into account when planting seedlings. If you pick ripe berries on time and do it regularly, you can significantly extend the growing season, and the size of the strawberries will not decrease by the end of the season - the last berries will be as large as the first ones. Follow these simple rules and you'll enjoy great strawberries all season long.


This variety boasts that it meets almost all the requirements of farmers:

  • gives high and stable yields;
  • able to grow in unstable, harsh climates;
  • resists disease and is not attacked by pests;
  • has large and beautiful berries;
  • it has a pleasant sweet taste and strong aroma.

Fruits of the "Tago" variety are perfect for canning whole fruits and making canned compotes. Such strawberries are often decorated with desserts.

Chelsea Pensioner

In Russia, strawberries of this type began to be grown relatively recently, but this did not prevent the variety from becoming one of the most popular in domestic summer cottages and vegetable gardens.

The Chelsea Pensioner benefits from excellent aroma and good taste, harmoniously combined with suitability for transport and storage.

The fruits do not ripen at the same time - the owner will be able to feast on fresh berries at any time of the summer season.

Attention! Immediately after planting, you should not expect high yields, but from the second season the strawberries "Pensioner Chelsea" begin to bear fruit more abundantly.

Do not forget about watering the bushes, because the lack of moisture will certainly affect the taste of the berries.


Each farmer has his own favorite strawberry variety, but everyone, without exception, appreciates the sweetness and aroma of this berry. When choosing a variety for your site, you should not dwell on just one name - in order not to miscalculate for sure and pick up a really worthwhile strawberry for the garden, it is better to plant at least two varieties of this sweet berry.

And which variety of strawberries is the most dry, it will become clear already next season.

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