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What to do if midges appeared on cabbage and radish

What to do if midges appeared on cabbage and radish

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Friends, do you have some kind of midge fleas over cabbage and radish? Small fast, I can’t even see them, but there are a lot of them. Roy. Sprinkled with ash. Black fleas are gone, but what about midges?


Black shiny fleas gobbled up radishes, at least for a new plant. Sprinkled with the drug, thunder. Against chemistry, but took a chance.

We have flocks in different places appear. Even when nothing grew, still there were 🙂 I would not have paid attention)

Dust with tobacco dust

We have midges in the evenings. It is impossible to be in the garden. Reptiles bite.

I fly like a moth. I will pour a solution of vinegar or ammonia, it will suddenly help!

Yes, yes they are like moles only very nimble. Nervous such a midge

Nervous midge! 🙂 That's for sure! You need to pat her nerves with vinegar 🙂

Is vinegar a simple table? And how much by how much. And after what time it will be possible to eat radishes or is he not afraid of him?

I will do this for the first time, I remember that a tablespoon of 10 liters. I just don’t remember - 9% or essence. And divorce by eye, or rather, by smell. I think vinegar is safe for radish


Pugs sometimes bite like that. That the bruising remains and the bruise, but kind of small.

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