Eliane's strawberries

Eliane's strawberries

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The Eliane variety was bred in 1998 and is characterized by a long fruiting period. Strawberries begin to ripen early, but the berries do not leave quickly, but continue to grow until the end of the season. The value of the variety is in fragrant and beautiful fruits. However, Eliane's strawberries are quite whimsical. The culture is demanding on the soil, climate and even the area where it will grow.

Description of the variety

When considering the description of the Eliane strawberry variety, photos, reviews, you can also find such names as Elianny or simply Eliana. In addition to these names, the Eliani frigo strawberry variety is often found on the Internet, which has a complete similarity in characteristics. There is nothing surprising. This is the din and the same variety. But the word FRIGO is translated as cold. There is a special technology that allows you to keep plants frozen, and the Eliani frigo variety lends itself to it.

Strawberries can be briefly characterized as a culture of short daylight hours. If we take the well-known Elsanta variety as a standard, then Eliane ripens 3-4 days earlier. Fruiting lasts from late May to late June. Peduncles appear as the berries of the previous ovary ripen.

A more detailed characteristic of the variety looks like this:

  • Eliane's vigorous shrubs are vigorous. The plant develops especially quickly with abundant watering. Peduncles rise above the leaves and can be level with them.
  • The berries are characterized by dense flesh with a bright red skin color. The shape of the fruit is conical, slightly elongated. Sepals are expanded. Delicate pulp turns pink when fully ripe. Ripening of the fruit starts from the sepal. The white tip of the berry indicates its technical ripeness. The yellow seeds are slightly sunk into the skin of the fruit. Eliane's ripe strawberries come off easily from the stem. By the end of fruiting, the berries do not shrink.
  • About Eliana strawberries, gardeners say that the berries can be kept chilled for a long time. The density of the fruit pulp is inferior to the reference varieties, but the harvested crop can be transported.
  • Eliane berries taste rather sweet with a slight acidic sensation. The delicate aroma is appreciated most of all. The flavor of the fruit is reminiscent of strawberry, where peach and flowery notes are combined.
  • The Eliane strawberry variety can be characterized as a crop resistant to various kinds of rot and fungi.

According to gardeners' reviews, of all Eliana's advantages, taste is in the first place. Extended fruiting and a high productivity rate are no less appreciated.

Disadvantages of the variety

There are a lot of reviews about the Eliane strawberry variety. They allow you to identify not only positive, but also negative qualities:

  • When grown in southern regions, Eliane is not resistant to extreme heat. Fruiting decreases, and it cannot be called full.
  • In the hot summer, the lack of moisture affects the poor formation of the whiskers. If timely watering is not observed in the summer, strawberries will begin to build up a belated mustache in late August and early September.
  • Heat accompanied by drought affects the size of the berries. With insufficient watering in such weather, the fruits will grow small.
  • The yield of the variety allows you to grow Eliana for your own garden. Strawberries are not suitable for industrial production.
  • Moisture oversaturation, especially during the lingering summer rains, affects the taste of the berries. Sweetness fades into the background, and acid begins to prevail.
  • The least number of reviews is about the manifestation of remontance. Most often this happens during a long hot summer.
  • Berries do not tolerate heat well. Strawberries are baked in the sun. However, the fruits remain edible. Moreover, only those berries that are not hidden under the foliage are baked.

Important! Most of the reviews regarding the baking of Eliane fruits under the sun are observed from gardeners from the Moscow region and Samara.

Residents of the northeast complain about the poor wintering of the variety. In severe frosts, many bushes freeze out, and the surviving plants slowly grow in spring. To protect the strawberry plantations for the winter, you need to cover it well.

Rules for planting seedlings in the ground

So, we looked at the photo, description of the Eliane strawberry variety, and now let's figure out the rules for growing a crop. To begin with, poor soil is bad for plant development. Eliane likes light soil with low acidity. Sandy loam or loamy soil is ideal. Eliane's seedlings are planted in the beds. To prepare them well, they dig up the ground. 1 m2 the beds are applied with 30 g of mineral fertilizers and organic matter. Loose soil is given time to settle, after which they begin to mark the rows.

A hole is dug under each bush for Eliana. Humus is introduced into the soil, it is watered well and the seedling is lowered. The roots of the plant are crushed with loose soil, then they are carefully tamped with their hands and perform another watering. To prevent moisture from evaporating quickly, the ground around the seedling is covered with a thin layer of sawdust.

Gardeners adhere to two schemes for planting Eliane seedlings:

  • The bush scheme provides for the planting of strawberry seedlings in increments of 15 to 25 cm. At the same time, the row spacing is kept within the range of 40-60 cm. The mustache is cut off from the plants three times a season.
  • The strip plan for planting strawberries of the Eliane variety provides for leaving wide row spacings up to 90 cm in size. The seedlings are planted in rows, adhering to a step of 20 to 30 cm.When the strawberry bushes start whiskers, they are taken to the side and added to the aisles. This creates a new streak.

With any planting scheme for Eliane strawberries, the yield indicator does not change. However, according to observations, the bush method allows you to get larger berries. This is due to the fact that the plant does not spend its energy on the formation and development of whiskers, because they are constantly cut off.

Strawberry care rules

At first glance, caring for strawberries is very difficult for a gardener. In fact, the Eliane variety requires standard procedures, like any garden crop: watering, weeding, feeding.

Weed removal and watering rules

The frequency and amount of watering for the Eliane variety is determined individually, taking into account the weather conditions and the state of the soil. If the soil is dry, naturally, it needs to be moistened. The optimal watering time is early morning. Before flowering, a small strawberry plantation is watered with a watering can, and on a large plot, you can use a pump. Drops of water falling from above will wash the dust off the foliage.

When Eliane strawberries bloom, watering is carried out under the bush so that the water does not wash off the pollen from the peduncle. With the appearance of the ovary, water cannot be poured on the fruits either, otherwise they will begin to rot. In hot weather, strawberries are usually watered once a week. In this case, the approximate water consumption is from 10 to 25 l / m2... With the appearance of the ovary, the frequency of watering is reduced, but not to a critical minimum.

Attention! Eliane's planted strawberry seedlings are watered only with warm water. Otherwise, the growth of the bushes will slow down.

Weeds on strawberries should be removed immediately. Grass draws moisture and nutrients from the soil. Regardless of the presence of weeds, the soil is periodically loosened to a depth of 10 cm. Loose soil allows oxygen to pass better to the strawberry roots.

In large areas, weed control by weeding is difficult. Here you can use herbicides, but you need to spray the grass no later than two weeks before planting the strawberries.

Top dressing

The Eliane variety, like all strawberries, loves feeding, but within reasonable limits. Seedlings require nutrients during the process of forming a bush. For adult plants, top dressing is applied during the ovary period. At the end of fruiting, the strawberries can be fertilized again. At this time, the plant is preparing for wintering and needs nutrients.

Complex fertilizers, which contain many microelements, are ideal for fertilizing. From organic matter, humus or rotted peat is used. The amount of feeding material applied depends on the condition of the soil. Typically 10 m2 use 15-25 kg of complex fertilizers.


The mulching process reduces the likelihood of weed growth and also retains moisture under the strawberries. Mulch made from straw or sawdust is considered environmentally friendly. This mass is poured into the ground around the bushes. After harvesting, the mulch is buried in the beds, and an excellent fertilizer is obtained from it.

According to new technologies, black film or agrofibre is used as mulch. The entire bed is covered with a cloth, and the strawberries are planted in the cut windows.

Mustache removal

Strawberry whiskers are needed for reproduction. The need to trim them depends on the planting scheme. However, without fail, the mustache from the strawberry is cut off during fruiting, otherwise they will deplete the mother plant. In other cases, if the mustache does not get in the way, it can be left on the bushes.

The mustache is trimmed with sharp scissors early in the morning. This cannot be done during precipitation. The mustache is not cut off at the very root of the plant, but a stump is left 4 cm long. In August, after the completion of fruiting, the mustache is removed from the bushes along with the leaves. After cutting, only short stems remain on the garden bed.

Preparation for wintering

Weed should not be weeded before the onset of winter. These actions can damage the roots of the strawberry, and the plant will freeze. The garden bed is covered with a thick layer of mulch for the winter. Any leaves, straw, or cut raspberries will do. From artificial materials for shelter, agrofibre has proven itself well.

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After reviewing the description of the Eliane strawberry variety, the gardeners' reviews will help to finally take stock of the familiarization with the culture.

Irina, 37 years old, Yekaterinburg

Eliana likes the variety because of its delicious berries. Strawberries are fragrant fresh and delicious jam. She is capricious in cultivation. On the site I changed three beds until I found a suitable place. Looks like the problem was with the soil.

Alla, 39 years old, Irkutsk

I grow many varieties of strawberries. Eliane is growing for the second year and has received only the first harvest. She collected up to 2 kg of berries from the most developed bushes. The strawberries are delicious. The aroma of the berries is reminiscent of strawberries.

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