Strawberry wine at home: a recipe

Strawberry wine at home: a recipe

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Strawberries are a delicate berry, so wrinkled waste always remains after the bulkhead. They are not suitable for jams and compotes. But you don't need to throw away the fragrant strawberries. It is quite suitable for making strawberry wine at home, as long as there is no mold on the berries. A drink according to any recipe turns out to be aromatic and tasty if you use the correct manufacturing technology.

Strawberry wine at home is an ideal use for berries. Moreover, you can make a drink not only from garden varieties, but also from wild strawberries. The finished bright red drink contains a delicate aroma of berries, an inimitable taste that cannot be confused with anything. How to make homemade strawberry wine will be discussed in the article. Moreover, we will tell you not only about recipes using fresh berries for making strawberry wine. Unexpected discoveries await you.

Preparation of berries

Homemade strawberry wine, it doesn't matter, from garden or forest fruits, knowing the recipe, is easy to prepare. There is only one caveat - the berries are in no hurry to give up their own juice, which complicates fermentation, and this also affects the coloring of the wine. But thanks to the ingredients added to the wort, this problem is successfully solved at home.

So, if you decide to cook strawberry wine yourself, then you need to know how to prepare berries:

  1. You understand perfectly well that strawberries and strawberries "sink" to the ground, so it is impossible to avoid the washing procedure. However, some of the natural so-called wild yeast is washed off.
  2. The fact is that the soil trapped in strawberry wine will spoil not only the taste of the finished drink. Most often, putrefactive processes develop during fermentation, all your work will go down the drain.
  3. It is best to wash strawberries or strawberries with a colander, dipping the berries in water. But before the hygienic procedure, the berries must be sorted out, separating the unsuitable for work, namely those on which rot has appeared.
  4. After that, knead the strawberries with your hands or with a rolling pin so that there are no whole berries left.

Various wine recipes

Today strawberry wine can be purchased at specialized stores. But such a dessert drink is not cheap. Therefore, we suggest that you use the recipes below and make your own strawberry wine at home. Moreover, it is not necessary to use fresh berries. Jam and frozen fruits will do. The main thing is to follow the recommendations of the recipe, observe proportions, be patient, and you will succeed!

We follow traditions

Now let's talk about how to make strawberry wine at home according to a traditional recipe.

To do this, you need to stock up on a minimum of ingredients:

  • berries of garden strawberries or strawberries - 3 kg;
  • granulated sugar - 2 kg;
  • raisins - 100 g;
  • chilled boiled water - 3 liters.

How to make homemade wine

Cooking steps step by step:

  1. Step one. Juice is needed to make a recipe for strawberry wine at home, but, as we have already noted, whole strawberries give it up reluctantly. That is why the sorted and washed berries are crushed in a large basin. It is best to do this with your hands to separate the fibers of the berries and not damage the seeds. Otherwise, bitterness will be felt in the strawberry wine.
  2. Step two. Dissolve half of the sugar in hot water (be sure to boil) and cool the syrup to about 30 degrees. Higher temperatures are detrimental to wild yeast: fermentation will be slow or not start at all. It is not recommended to use tap water for making strawberry wine according to any recipe even after settling, because it contains chlorine.
  3. Step three. Then add the crushed strawberry mass and raisins. This ingredient should not be washed, so as not to wash off the whitish bloom - wild yeast.
  4. Step four. Pour the mixture into a fermentation bottle. The top of the container should be free as foam and carbon dioxide will rise upward.

    We put the container with strawberry wine in a warm and dark corner, covered with gauze so as not to get insects. The wort needs to be stirred so that the pulp is not at the top all the time.
    The initial stage of making strawberry wine at home:
  5. Step five. We leave the container alone for five days, then add the remaining sugar and put it back in the dark. Experienced winemakers do not recommend pouring sugar into the container. Better to put sand in a cup and add some fermented wort. And after dissolving, pour the syrup into a bottle. We put on a water seal or a medical rubber glove on the bottle and send it to re-fermentation.
  6. Step six. After a while, the fermentation process will begin to weaken. Now you need to drain the strawberry pulp and again put the wine for further fermentation in a cooler dark place with the same water seal. After a month and a half, a sediment will appear in homemade strawberry wine, and it itself will become light.
  7. Step seven. As a rule, young wine is ready in 55-60 days. By this time, strawberry wine at home must be completely removed from the sediment.

Frozen berry wine

Strawberries do not grow in any region of Russia. Most often, buyers see it frozen. Therefore, our readers often wonder whether it is possible to make homemade wine from strawberries after defrosting.

The answer is unequivocal - yes. Although a good strawberry wine will turn out if you take into account a number of nuances:

  1. Defrosting strawberries is an important factor affecting the quality of future wine. Berries must not be poured with boiling water or used for thawing in a microwave oven. The process should take place naturally. Take the berry out of the chamber and leave it in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning you need to take it out so that the strawberry reaches room temperature.
  2. If you decide to make wine from wild strawberries or garden strawberries, then you do not need to mix them, because they have different fermentation times.

This simple recipe does not cause any difficulties even for novice winemakers. To make homemade strawberry wine you will need:

  • 2 liters of boiled water;
  • 10 grams of powdered yeast;
  • 3 kg of strawberries;
  • half-liter bottle of vodka;
  • 2 kg of granulated sugar.


  1. According to the recipe, knead the defrosted berry in a bowl and slightly heat it, then put it in a glass bottle.
  2. Add sugar and yeast, dissolve the ingredients well. We close it with a water seal or pull a glove over the neck. Fermentation should take place warm and without exposure to sunlight.
  3. After 30 days, remove the pulp and pour the young wine into a new container without touching the sediment. This is best done with a tube. We filter the intoxicated liquid and pour in 500 ml of vodka. The fortified wine will be infused for another month. After that we pour it into sterile bottles.

Attention! Strawberry fortified wine is made quickly thanks to the addition of vodka.

Jam wine

It often happens that strawberry jam begins to ferment, it is impossible to eat it. But you shouldn't throw away such a valuable product either. After all, it is the ideal ingredient for making strawberry wine at home.

What we need to cook:

  • a liter of water and jam;
  • 100 grams of raisins.

Wine recipe - preparation

  1. Put the strawberry jam in a three-liter jar and fill it with water. Then add the raisins in the amount indicated in the recipe. It is not recommended to wash it, so as not to destroy wild yeast.
  2. We cover the container with a lid and put it in a warm but dark corner for ten days.
  3. Fermentation will be intense, so the pulp will be at the top. Pour the liquid from the jar into a saucepan, strain it from the pulp. We also squeeze it with gauze, and add the juice from it back to the jar.
  4. We put on gloves or a special shutter on a three-liter container and remove it again for 30 days.
  5. After a month, sediment will appear at the bottom of the can. This is a yeast that needs to be removed from the wine, otherwise we get wine vinegar instead. Any recipe for homemade wine involves removing the sediment. How to do it correctly, we showed in the video above.

We pour the finished young wine into sterile bottles and send it to a cool place for maturation.

And now a video on how to make wild strawberry (strawberry) berry wine at home:

Let's share secrets

We talked about some of the options for making wine at home. I would also like to tell you about important secrets:

  1. When making homemade strawberry wine, the time of year does not matter, as you can use strawberries in any condition for this.
  2. Young wine must be sealed tightly. You can roll it into jars or bottles. But in the latter case, there may be a problem with traffic jams. You can use old ones, which were corked with store wine. It is enough to throw the cork into boiling water - it will become soft and obedient. Wax is poured into the hole from the corkscrew or the cork is sealed with several layers of tape.
  3. Label bottles of strawberry wine, then you will know exactly which drink is to be tasted first and which one will be aged.
  4. Wine made from wild strawberries or wild strawberries has a brighter taste and sophisticated aroma. But it will require a little more sugar to prepare it, since the acid content in forest fruits is higher than in garden berries.

We wish you successful blanks. Send us your strawberry wine recipes, we'll be waiting. After all, every winemaker has his own "zest" in the preparation of homemade intoxicating drinks.

Watch the video: Making Strawberry Wine: 2 gallons. (December 2022).

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