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How to deal with weevils on strawberries

How to deal with weevils on strawberries

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Please tell me how to deal with weevils on strawberries? What can you spill now while he is just waking up?


A solution of iodine, a solution of boric acid

Shedding a bright pink solution of potassium permanganate is better than hot 45 degrees. And when the buds come forward to spray with biological products “Iskra-bio”, “fitoverm”. Do not plant next to raspberries. Sprinkle a second time when raspberries bloom.

15 drops of iodine per 10 liters of water, pour 0.5 liters under a bush, water them first. Do not get on the leaves. Better to do before the leaves grow. Before flowering, spray 100 grams of mustard powder, add to 10 liters of warm water, insist on heat for 2 days, dilute 50/50. In the flowering period, feed the mash. 1 kg. Dilute fresh yeast in 5 liters of warm water, leave for 3 hours. Then 0.5 liters of mash to 10 liters of water, under a bush of 0.5 liters.

Thank you and you can proportions

Hot water, slightly tinted potassium permanganate. If you decide to use iodine, be careful, keep the concentration. Otherwise, you can stay without strawberries

Thanks and raspberries can also be processed this way? We have in it every season inside the berry a white worm or this larva sits.

Thank you very much. How did I understand that all this is top dressing and is mustard already from weevil?

Thanks for the amendment, I would not have realized

And another question, we have another week of rains promise it is better to do after the rains?

I use mustard from weevil (if it still appeared), and I saw it with iodine, I don’t see them for 2 years. I do iodine once in the spring. It is raining now. I’m waiting for it to end, then I’ll process it.

Thanks again, I know that you have rains, I’m from Gatchina)

Yes, the climate we have is similar. I have a sister in St. Petersburg, we talk to her every day, so I always compare.

From weevil, when the buds appear, but not the flowers yet, treat with SPARK. Dissolve 1 SPARK tablet in 1 liter of warm water and then pour it all into a bucket of water and spray both the soil around and the buds. After collecting fruits at the end of summer, prune leaves and spill 55 degrees with hot water. From a watering can. Strawberries will not suffer, and destroy the weevil.

Thanks, I will try all the ways to write and apply

A spark is all chemistry. It accumulates over the years in the soil, do not really want to eat with nitrates. I don’t even use chemistry for flowers, because K. Suddenly I’d change my mind and there will be a garden instead of a flower bed.

YES CHEMISTRY. At the end of summer, hot water was needed. If you can’t get rid, then chemistry. But I think that for 1 time and then it is watered and washed out with rains so much that there will be no chemistry and no weevil. And chemistry only in buds. I’m not forcing anyone. I offer only. And where to go? How to get rid of it? From a Colorado potato beetle without chemistry? From the bear? We probably already have one chemistry ourselves!

Everyone chooses for himself, this is true. From the Colorado potato beetle it is easy to cope without chemistry. 1 pack of mustard powder, 100 ml. 9% vinegar, 10 liters of water, spray. Or 2 liters of ash, 10 liters of hot water, insist a day, add soap for stickiness, dilute 1:10, spray. Or boil 200 grams of elecampane roots in a small amount of water for 15 minutes, let it brew until it cools, strain, dilute to 10 liters of water, and spray. I’m just tired of writing already, and I would definitely give you 6 more recipes. So to each his own. He who loves himself does not poison himself.

Thanks. Ash from Colorado does not help! Mustard and vinegar have not been tried. THANKS, TAKE A NOTE. I WRITE We collect in bottles and grandmother went out for charging every day. Sometimes you have to poison.

We also collected, after bullying we got to us from our neighbors. Where the site was without neighbors, there were attacks of the Colorado cook, but these recipes all helped.

We will try all the recipes. You probably plant a little. We plant a lot. If we can’t cope and we are left alone with no leaves we have to poison.

I agree, with large territories it is difficult.

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