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Is it possible to leave seedlings for the night on a closed veranda

Is it possible to leave seedlings for the night on a closed veranda

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Today they promise +8 tonight, tell me, is it possible to leave seedlings for the night on a closed veranda? Would she freeze?


I think it’s better not to.

Well, cover it with a cover) and close the windows) we have + 5 = 7 at night and then I leave everything on the street, covering the truth with rugs 🙂

Also on the loggia with an open window, everything is ok.

I also think you can try, they will not freeze, and if something is sprayed with an epinchik.

I took out one bush of tomato in the greenhouse. Already the 3rd day there is spending the night. While alive.

I've been spending the night in a greenhouse for a week in drawers. At night I cover with a film on arcs. Three days ago, she threw a covering one from above, because there were frosts minus five. All right. The radish has risen right after freezing, like tomatoes. All bordeochka, growing

The greenhouse is small, it is not heated, but warm beds provide heat to the roots. If you have a thin covering, so throw it on top, so as not to think.

My tomato without cover is still holding.

Of course it’s mossy.

On Friday I brought tomato seedlings to the balcony, every morning the first thing they check is Staying upright, now it’s +6 on the street

We have +5, tomatoes spent the night in a greenhouse under a shelter, did not throw a film. Now I went to work, left her there in the greenhouse. She didn’t take cover. I don’t know what will happen, it will freeze or not, but I’ll come home from work for the night and think about bringing it home, and in the morning I will take it out for the day again.

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