Apivitamin: instructions for use

Apivitamin: instructions for use

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Apivitamin for bees: instructions, methods of application, reviews of beekeepers - it is recommended to study all this before using the drug. This drug is usually used by beekeepers to stimulate and develop bee colonies. In addition, the supplement is actively used for the treatment and prevention of many infectious diseases to which bees are susceptible.

Application in beekeeping

Apivitaminka is a vitamin supplement used by many beekeepers to maintain and stimulate weakened colonies after wintering, as well as to stimulate the development and reproduction of bees. In most cases, diseases develop rather slowly and ultimately, when the disease is already noticeable, it is extremely difficult to save the bee colony. That is why this drug is used as a prophylaxis for infectious diseases. The trace elements that make up the composition accelerate the growth and development of insects.

Composition, release form

This solution has a dark brown color, it contains:

  • amino acids;
  • vitamin complex.

The substance is located inside glass vials or in bags, the volume of which is 2 ml. Typically, each pack contains 10 doses. This substance dissolves well in warm syrup. Each dose is enough for 5 liters of sugar syrup.

Advice! It is recommended to prepare the medicinal syrup before use.

Pharmacological properties

The drug contains vitamins and amino acids that are part of the cells of the body of bees. Apivitaminka serves as an energy source for biochemical and physiological processes, in addition, the drug has a complex effect - it promotes the growth and development of bee colonies. This type of supplement allows the ovaries of the queen of the hive to ripen, and helps to increase egg production.

Attention! The additive prevents the appearance of neuromuscular disorders in bees.

Instructions for use

To prepare a medicinal solution, you will need to mix 2 ml of the drug with 5 liters of warm sugar syrup. It is recommended to use the medicinal solution 2-3 times, with an interval of up to 4 days.

Honey can be eaten on a general basis.

Dosage, application rules

Apivitaminka is recommended to be given to bees together with sugar syrup in the spring (April-May) and at the end of the summer season (August-September), when the bee colony begins to increase in strength on the eve of honey harvest, when there is a shortage of pollen, or when the bees are preparing for wintering.

The drug is used as follows:

  1. The food must be dissolved in warm sugar syrup, which is prepared in a 1: 1 ratio.
  2. Add 2 ml of Apivitamin to 5 liters of syrup.

The resulting mixture is added to the upper feeders.

Attention! Each frame should take about 50 g of the mixture.

Side effects, contraindications, restrictions on use

Over the years of the existence of this vitamin supplement, no side effects have been recorded, as a result of which no contraindications have been identified. As practice shows, if you use the drug according to the attached instructions, then no harm will be done to the bees.

Shelf life and storage conditions

It is recommended to store Apivitamin in its original packaging. As a rule, it is recommended to choose a dry and protected place from direct sunlight for storing the drug. The additive should be kept out of the reach of children. Storage is allowed at temperatures from 0 ° C to + 25 ° C. The shelf life is 3 years from the date of production.


Apivitamin for bees - instructions for use, the release form and side effects of which should be studied first. Only after that it is allowed to use the drug according to the attached instructions.


Vladimir Dronov, 56 years old, Moscow.

I have been using Apivitaminka for quite some time. I give the drug both to weakened families and to prevent diseases. For the entire time of use, I did not find any side effects. Insects return to normal in a short period of time and start to work.

Evgeny Aksenov, 39 years old, Ulyanovsk

Apivitaminka began to be used several years ago, as a prophylaxis. I managed to notice that if you use it according to the attached instructions, then honey can be eaten on a general basis - the taste does not change, moreover, the bees do not get sick.

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