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Is it worth sowing girl's grapes

Is it worth sowing girl's grapes

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Friends, did anyone sow seeds of girl's grapes?


I cut long stems in the spring, without leaves. I poured the earth into large pots by 2/3, braided the stems in rings, laid them in pots, covered them with earth, put them in the shade in the garden, rarely watered, in August I had beautiful plants with roots, planted in place. Maiden grapes 2-3 years builds up the root system, then begins to grow. And from seeds it is a very long time

If you are about grapes that are planted along the fence. Then think about whether you need it. I forced my neighbor to remove it from the fence, because K. 1. Over time, it overwhelms the fence (the view is not the best), 2. All foliage crumbles in the fall to the site 3. Roots! That's horrible! They are so huge that they climb everywhere! I dig a bed, and there are the roots of this grape. So think it over.

Yes, I heard about it.

The girl’s grape grows near the wall (it sticks itself), it has wrapped the wall up to the roof and the roots do not grow anywhere. I froze only once. She brought a piece of the stem from Belarus, rooted in the water. Karelia.

I bought seeds this spring, from 20 pieces ONE grew! and then I waited a month and a half. It would be better if I took a handle from someone, so I will do it or buy it.

Do you have beds nearby? Now, when the beds are nearby, believe me, on both sides there are neighbors and both have a “miracle” behind the fence on my side of the garden. Here the roots come out.

Grows like an infection and the roots weave terribly

Yes, I still have high beds. So you start to pull almost the bed rises. My neighbor planted along the fence and grass nearby. And the roots climb to me and climb. And the arbor in him is all in the grapes, he walked there with a lawn mower and that's it. Therefore, to compare when it grows next to a building is not entirely true in my opinion. Everyone's business to plant or not. But better to warn-)

Apparently you do not have girlish grapes.

I will describe him. And you correct, please, if not so. Almost all snt, we can say that every site had and has a netting net. Here on this grid everything is braided with leaves, in the summer you will not see a neighbor through it. By autumn, these leaves begin to turn red (atl is the only week when it is pleasant to look at it), then, in one fell swoop already in late autumn, all the leaves fall to the ground. In winter sticks stick out from it and in spring foliage starts again. That's how much she talked with summer residents, everyone calls him that. I thank God he doesn’t, and I have dissuaded my neighbors with planting him next to the fence. They want to grow, retreat, put up supports and, please. When there are no beds near the grapes and no roots can be seen, I have all the beds bulging and set along the fence. Therefore, I feel the roots - 🙂 I personally have not heard other names for this “miracle”

Check out the photo on the Internet. My computer does not attach a photo.

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