Lingonberries in their own juice

Lingonberries in their own juice

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Lingonberry is a delicious northern berry that has a lot of substances beneficial to human health. It is important not only to eat it correctly, but also to be able to prepare it for the winter. Lingonberries in their own juice are one of the most popular recipes for making berries at home. There are several variations of this masterpiece, both with sugar and without a sweet ingredient.

Rules for cooking lingonberries in your own juice

First of all, you need to choose the right ingredients. The berry must be strong, not lose its integrity and have a sufficient degree of ripeness. Unripe fruits will not have the required amount of liquid, and therefore it will be difficult to process the berry according to this recipe. You can add sugar to the preparation or replace it with honey.

To begin with, all the berries must be sorted out in order to exclude the ingress of sick, rotten and wrinkled specimens. One rotten berry can nullify all the work.

Care should be taken when washing to avoid crushing the raw material. The more intact the product after washing, the better.

After the crop has been washed, it must be dried. So the workpiece will not sour and will be successfully stored all winter.

Banks in which lingonberries will be stored in their own juice for the winter must be thoroughly rinsed and then sterilized. This can be done over steam or in the oven, depending on the preferences of the hostess.

Methods for obtaining lingonberry juice

A healthy lingonberry drink can be obtained in several ways. Many housewives use a juicer for this. And the old method is also suitable, when the raw materials were squeezed out and ground through a sieve. Thus, the entire thick component remained in the strainer, and the liquid below, in the container.

You can pre-grind the raw material with a blender or meat grinder and squeeze with gauze.

Lingonberries in their own juice with sugar

This is a classic recipe that is available even to novice housewives. Ingredients:

  • a kilogram of lingonberries;
  • a pound of sugar.

It is necessary to wash and dry the berries, then place them in a saucepan, add literally a couple of tablespoons of water and heat until the raw material lets out the liquid.

Stir constantly, cook the mass, gradually adding sugar. Simmer for 10 minutes. Take out the berries and put them in jars. At this time, let the syrup boil and pour the raw materials in jars. Roll up the containers immediately, turn them over and wrap them up for cooling.

Lingonberries in their own juice without sugar

This recipe will help preserve the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients in the fruit.

The only ingredient in the recipe is lingonberry. It does not need honey, sugar, or other additives, even in the form of spices.

Cooking algorithm, how to make lingonberries in your own juice without using sugar:

  1. Sort out the berries and separate - put aside strong and beautiful ones for the preparation, and slightly crumpled ones - for spinning.
  2. Squeeze out the liquid from the berries selected for this.
  3. Pour raw juice in a ratio of 3 parts of liquid and 7 parts of fruit.
  4. Put on the stove.
  5. As soon as the workpiece begins to boil, it must be poured into prepared jars.
  6. Cover them with lids and sterilize containers for 10–20 minutes, depending on the volume.
  7. Then pull out the cans and roll up.

After the containers with the workpiece have cooled, they must be sent to a cool place for storage.

Lingonberries in their own juice in the oven

This is an old recipe. Previously, it was made in a Russian oven, which is now being successfully replaced by an oven.


  • a kilogram of raw materials;
  • 450 g granulated sugar.

Mix the berries with granulated sugar and put in the oven. Preheat so that they let the liquid in. Transfer the berries to jars at the moment when they become transparent or glass-like. Bring the syrup to a boil and pour the lingonberries into the jars. Roll up and wrap until it cools completely.

Lingonberries in their own juice in a slow cooker

Modern housewives can use a slow cooker. To do this, you need to pour quite a bit of water into the multicooker bowl and pour the berries there. Turn on and wait for the berry to juice. You can stir several times to distribute the liquid evenly.

Pour into hot jars, roll up and wrap up so that the workpiece cools down evenly.

How to cook lingonberries in your own cinnamon juice

For flavor, you can put a little cinnamon in the blank. This will give the lingonberry recipe in its own juice a special taste and pleasant smell. The ingredients for the recipe are the same as for the classic preparation. It is sugar and the main ingredient. Add the cinnamon a few minutes before you start pouring the drink into the cans. You can add some spice directly to the jars.

You can add cinnamon to the preparation even if sugar is not used.

How to make lingonberries with apples in your own juice

This is a simple harvesting option, where apples are used in addition to the main ingredient. This option will diversify the taste and give the delicacy an original aroma.


  • 1 kg of the main ingredient;
  • a pound of apples of any kind, but preferably sweet and small;
  • liter of lingonberry juice;
  • granulated sugar - 300 grams.

To prepare the juice, you need to pour the berries into a saucepan of the berries and pour them with three glasses of water. Bring to a boil, the berries should burst. Then squeeze out and add sugar.

Algorithm for preparing the workpiece itself:

  1. Cut the apples in half and remove the core, and the fruits must also be peeled.
  2. Cut into small wedges.
  3. Blanch in boiling water for 3 minutes.
  4. Then add the berries to the pan, mix with the apples and pour over the juice.
  5. Heat, not boiling, and pour into jars.

After all the cans are rolled up, they must be wrapped in a warm blanket or terry towel. So the workpiece will cool very slowly and can be well preserved. In winter, the whole family will have a treat and benefit in one recipe on the table.

Rules for storing lingonberries in their own juice

To store a tasty piece, you need to choose a room that will meet all the conditions. First of all, direct sunlight should not penetrate there, since any workpieces react very negatively to it. The best option is a cellar or basement. In an apartment, it can be a pantry or a cabinet on the balcony.

Temperature is an important factor for storage. It should not exceed 10 ° C, but it is also not desirable for it to fall below 0 ° C. Therefore, when storing on the balcony, it is important that the banks do not freeze there. For the basement and cellar, it is necessary to exclude high humidity, as well as traces of moisture and mold on the walls. If this is a storage room in an apartment, then it must be an unheated room.


Lingonberries in their own juice - a preparation for every taste and budget. It is healthy and aromatic with the addition of cinnamon. The appearance of the red northern berry will delight everyone at tea drinking. It is important to store the workpiece correctly so that it will stand all winter. For this, a cellar or basement is used, and when harvesting, special attention should be paid to sterilization and preparation of containers into which the fruits will be poured in their own juice.

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