Pepper Pride of Russia

Pepper Pride of Russia

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Domestic breeders have always been distinguished by high-quality varieties of all vegetable crops. The sweet pepper variety with the very patriotic name Pride of Russia was no exception. It is ideal for growing in the middle lane and will be able to please the gardener with an excellent harvest.

Variety characteristic

Sweet pepper Pride of Russia is an early maturing variety of domestic selection. It can begin to bear fruit within 100 - 105 days from germination. Its plants are quite compact, their height will not exceed 50 cm. On each of its bushes, up to 20 large fruits can be tied. The weight of each fruit will be about 150 grams. In their shape, they resemble a slightly narrowed prism. Pepper Pride of Russia changes its color depending on the degree of maturity. The light green unripe fruit becomes deep red as it ripens.

The Pride of Russia peppers have a rather thick flesh. The thickness of their walls will be in the range from 6 to 7 mm. The pulp tastes very juicy and sweet. It is ideal for any culinary idea, but it will be especially good fresh. The Pride of Russia sweet pepper variety has good immunity to many common diseases. Its excellent taste characteristics are perfectly combined with high commercial qualities. Subject to the storage conditions, it may not lose its flavor characteristics for a long time.

Important! The pride of Russia is one of the most fruitful sweet peppers.

When grown in a greenhouse or film shelter, it can produce up to 15 kg of yield per square meter. The yield in the open field will be slightly less - up to 8 kg per square meter.

Growing recommendations

Plants of the Pride of Russia variety are excellent for both open beds and greenhouses. Its seedlings must be prepared 60 days before disembarking to a permanent place. The optimum temperature to ensure the germination of seeds of this variety is 26 - 28 degrees. You can learn more about the preparation of sweet pepper seedlings from the video:

Advice! Any growth promoter for vegetable crops will help speed up the process of seed germination.

In addition, its use can have a positive impact on the future formation of fruit ovaries.

Ready seedlings are planted on prepared soil. To do this, in the fall, it is dug up with any organic fertilizer. Considering the compact size of the Pride of Russia bushes, 5 - 6 young plants can be planted per square meter. Further caring for them does not differ from caring for any other variety of this crop of the nightshade family:

  • Regular watering. Water the plants only as needed. Do not overmoisten the soil unnecessarily, as well as allow it to dry out excessively. Watering 2-3 times a week in the morning or in the evening will be optimal.

    Important! For watering any kind of sweet pepper, only warm, settled water is used. Watering with cold water can kill the plant's root system.

  • Regular weeding and loosening. If this is not done, then the weeds will begin to pull nutrients from the soil, interfering with the normal growth of the plant. These procedures are carried out as needed, but, as a rule, no more than 1 time per week.
  • Top dressing. It should be done once or twice a month. You should start feeding the plants from the beginning of flowering to the end of the growing season. When choosing a fertilizer, you should give preference to organic and mineral fertilizers. They must be brought under the base of the bush, trying not to hurt its foliage.

Important! If the pepper of this variety grows in a greenhouse, then it should be regularly ventilated. And on especially hot days, even leave it open.

Despite the fact that bell peppers are quite a heat-loving culture, with prolonged exposure to temperatures of 35 degrees or more, it can start to hurt, as well as shed flowers and ovaries.

You can find out practical tips for caring for this crop by watching the video:

Subject to all the simple recommendations, the sweet pepper variety Pride of Russia will be able to bear fruit abundantly with high quality fruits until October.


Olga, 38 years old, Voronezh

Plants of this variety are, indeed, quite compact - in my greenhouse they grew up to 45 cm. On each bush, not 20 fruits were set, as promised by the manufacturer, but from 8 to 10. They were rather large in size, weighing up to 200 grams. ... Despite the fact that the Pride of Russia is an early ripening variety, my peppers began to turn red only at the end of August. The pepper tastes sweet and juicy, with dense fleshy pulp.

Evgeniya, 31 years old, Astrakhan

This variety did not work for me. Of all the seeds, I got only one plant and that was frail. In the greenhouse, of course, it got stronger, but it did not bear fruit very well. Maybe I'm just not so lucky.

Watch the video: Pride of Russia Dobrinya (January 2023).

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