How not to make a mistake when choosing a lawn mower

How not to make a mistake when choosing a lawn mower

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In the spring, residents of their own homes begin to struggle with grass growing everywhere. Someone makes a beautiful lawn to the envy of their neighbors, and someone does not care about beauty, just the weeds are completely out of control and intends to capture more and more territories. The time of the scythe of Lithuania and the sickle is long gone, today people are used to automating work.

There are essentially two options: a trimmer (brushcutter) or a lawn mower. Let us consider in more detail the features of each tool and what should be guided by when choosing a specific model.

Lawn mower

Here, a person acts as a driver: pushes and controls, the rest of the work is done by the mower. A simple solution, but not without its drawbacks.


  • All mowed greens accumulate in the container; as it is filled, it must be emptied.
  • On almost all lawn mowers, the blade level is fixed, which allows you to evenly cut grass at the same height and achieve a perfectly flat surface.
  • This device is appreciated for its speed.


  • Tall, tough plants are a problem for this device, but with the flora of most country houses, difficulties should not arise.
  • In some places (for example, in the corners of the garden) to get close.
  • On uneven ground, the trolley travels with difficulty.

You can read more about choosing the right lawn mower for your garden here:


To work with it, you need experience, since at first it is not easy to hold the tool in one plane, and the grass will be cut unevenly. But even an experienced owner will not be able to make a perfectly smooth lawn with the help of such a mower


  • Suitable for areas with any terrain.
  • Plant height does not matter.
  • There is no risk of damaging the mechanism when the blade hits the stone: scythes are used in scythes.


  • Mowed greens remain on the ground.
  • Mowing is longer and harder.
What to look for when choosing
  • Engine's type. Everything is simple here: if there is electricity, then electric, if not - gasoline. The electric motor is quieter, more environmentally friendly, easier to use. And it is not necessary to carry the wire around the garden, because there are models with a battery.
  • Power. The rule "More is better" works here. With a high-power engine, work will be faster, and even the thickest stems will not stand. But keep in mind that with increasing power, the weight of the device also usually grows.
  • The length of the knife. The speed of work directly depends on this parameter, because a large knife mows more grass at a time.
  • Basket. It is very convenient that all the greens are collected automatically, but a small basket will often have to be emptied.
  • Diameter of fishing line. Thin is suitable for lawn, thick - for serious thickets. It is worth noting that the diameter depends on the model of the brushcutter, and not just on the owner’s desire.
  • Ergonomics. Before buying, try on a mower for yourself. It will have to be used for a long time and often, and discomfort and increased fatigue appear from the wrong size.

The dimensions of the mower make many areas inaccessible to her, so they will have to be handled differently. In addition, stone falling under the blade may break the knife or damage the basket. This unit is more suitable for continuous lawn care in a free and level area, but not for maneuvering between beds, trees and flower beds.

The trimmer is more versatile, not afraid of complex terrain and fishing line impacts on solid objects, they can precisely eliminate objectionable plants of any height. All these advantages make the tool suitable for summer residents, who are often absent for a long time on the site, and weeds manage to grow there.

But the best option is to buy both devices. In this case, they complement each other, eliminating all the shortcomings.

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