Features of the cultivation of grapes "Buffet" in the homestead

Features of the cultivation of grapes "Buffet" in the homestead

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Buffet Grapes is a new hybrid form. The description of the variety has all the chances to interest both already experienced growers and amateur gardeners who are just starting to try their hand at growing the vine.

Selection history

The “Furshetny” hybrid form grape (gf) was obtained by the Ukrainian breeder from Zaporozhye, Vitaliy Vladimirovich Zagorulko, who carried out crossbreeding of varieties such as the Gift Zaporizhia and the Kuban that are well-studied and well-known in winegrowing circles. The resulting form incorporates the best parental qualities, showing himself as a very promising and productive variety in the conditions of personal cultivation.

Grade characteristics

Grapes "Buffet" is an early or early-medium variety in terms of ripening of the crop. Berries, depending on climatic and weather conditions, ripen in a period of 110 to 130 days. Mass harvesting can be carried out in mid-August.

Biological Description of the Variety

The hybrid form compares favorably with many grape varieties with vigorous and very powerful bushes.that are prone to good shoot formation. On average, for each square meter of vineyard there are about 14 shoots that fully mature in the last growing season.

The flowers are functionally bisexual. Grapes GF "Buffet" is capable of forming large, cylindrically-shaped clusters. Fully formed brushes have medium density, sometimes branching, with a weight ranging from 600 to 800 g.

Technical characteristics of berries

Fully ripened berries have a dark blue color and an oval shape. The berries are formed quite large, with dimensions of 35 x 26 mm and an average weight of 12 to 16 g. A characteristic feature of the described gf is the presence of a thin wax coating on the berries.

The peel has average density and is fully eaten. Ripe pulp of berries has a pleasant and harmonious taste. Varietal aftertaste is represented by hints of mulberry or not fully dried raisins. The pulp is fleshy, juicy, with an increased type of sugar accumulation.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The "Buffet" variety has both advantages and some disadvantages. Currently, advantages outnumber disadvantages:

  • the variety has a harmonious and very pronounced taste, aromatic;
  • the external qualities of large berries are very high;
  • berries are perfectly transported and can be stored for a long time;
  • bisexual type of flowering is characterized by excellent pollination and high productivity;
  • the vine ripens fully and along the entire length of the shoot;
  • frost resistance up to -22 ° C;
  • It is resistant to mildew by 3 points and to oidium by 3 points.

When growing, you should pay attention to the fact that the GF “Furshetny” grape is prone to overloading crops.

Grapes "Buffet": description and care

Landing and care

Buffet grapes can be planted with seedlings both in spring and in autumn, with the calculation of the possibility of high-quality rooting and adaptation of the root system of the plant. When landing, it is important to pay attention to the following features:

  • landing pits or trenches should be prepared at least one month before the date of the proposed landing;
  • the landing area should be on a hill and warm well under sunlight;
  • with a high occurrence of groundwater, high-quality soil drainage is carried out to drain excess water;
  • the lower part of the landing pit should be covered with a mixture based on high-quality soil with the addition of complex fertilizers;
  • a prerequisite is the installation of a support, which will direct the growth of the vine bush vertically;
  • it is recommended that you stick to the 3 x 3 m pattern when landing;
  • Planted seedlings should be abundantly poured with water at the rate of 20 liters per grape bush.

Further care of the plants involves the use of a fanless fan-shaped formation of grape bushes with pruned shoots for 5 or 8 eyes. About 40 or 50 eyes and 25 or 30 shoots should be left on each bush.

Pruning of grape bushes takes place before sap flow. Slices should be oblique and have a slope from the part of the shoot opposite from the eyes. It is not recommended to overload the vine bushes, which can negatively affect not only the timing of the ripening of the crop, but also the quality characteristics of ripe berries.

Particular attention should be paid to the implementation of full-fledged irrigation measures, in which grape bushes especially need the driest season. When planted correctly, the plants for the first couple of years do not need additional fertilizer application.

The soil under grape bushes should be timely released from weeds, followed by high-quality loosening of the upper soil layer.

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Gardeners reviews

The hybrid form of the “Buffet” grapes was perceived very positively by many winegrowers. This is definitely a market grape with berries in size like a plum and a smooth oval shape. Most of the “Buffet” grapes are described as a very delicious variety, especially in demand for cultivation in Zaporozhye, where many have been selling since 2008. The plant shows excellent resistance to triple processing.

The first fruiting of grapes of this hybrid form and pollination is good. The potential of the "Buffet" variety is felt. The load on the grape bushes by the crop also makes certain adjustments for the vigorous form. On bushes at the age of three, they manage to get from 15 to 20 kg.

How to prune grapes

Today, few varieties are able to form full-fledged, without peeling, equalized in shape and color of berries, larger than this hybrid form. "Buffet" is ideal for cultivation, not only for the purpose of home consumption, but also as a worthy variety for the sale of high-quality berries.

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