Pond Care

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Hello! Tell me please, ! I plan to build a reservoir at my summer house, so to speak an artificial reservoir, but I have a couple of questions.
1. What is needed to support the microflora of the pond.
2. Do I need to use any plants that will help clean the pond.
3. Which fish will be comfortable in the pond.
4. How to cope with a pond in winter, is it necessary to drain it somehow, or even to monitor it?


To support the microflora of the pond, you need to plant plants that produce oxygen and absorb pond waste products. Directly at the bottom of the pond you can put pots of water lilies. Chinese miscanthus, lake reeds, aquatic mint, capricornifolia, arrowhead leaves, calamus and iris are perfect for the coastal zone. A carp feels comfortable in the pond, which is unpretentious to environmental conditions, which feeds on small bottom organisms, vegetation, and artificial food. The carp also survives well in the pond, which is also omnivorous.

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