Why broilers do not gain weight well

Why broilers do not gain weight well

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Tatyana Aristarkhovna asks us: "Why are broilers not gaining weight well?"

Many poultry farmers are interested in the question - why broilers do not gain weight. There are several reasons. Chickens are susceptible to changes in conditions, feed quality, temperature, conditions of detention play a role.

The main causes of weight loss

  • Particular attention should be paid to room temperature. Broilers do not tolerate cold. They begin to spend a lot of energy on heating, so the weight is not gained.
  • Bad service can serve large area for walking. Chickens prefer a cramped space. So they save energy. The best option is half a meter for 10 birds.
  • Lack of protein. If all of the above conditions are met, there may be a problem with a lack of protein. The presented bird species is in urgent need of it. If amino acids are not enough, then the mass does not increase.

  • Broiler special line. Few people know that there are chickens with an increased level of increase in mass, and with a reduced one. In the latter case, you have to wait until the bird has gained enough weight. After some time, the chickens will certainly catch up with their brothers.
  • Digestive problems. The chicks of daily age often have problems with the digestive tract. They need special nutrition.

If you do not take care of the chicken, dispersion may occur. Similar problems occur due to the use of feed of inadequate quality. Broilers are sensitive to rotten grain.

You should also familiarize yourself with the rules for choosing a breed and growing broilers at home.

How to solve the problem

  • If the chickens lose weight, action must be taken, otherwise the bird will die.
  • For the most part, weight gain depends on the nutrition of the bird. It is necessary to watch what a broiler eats from the first days of his life. Vitamins, proteins should be present in the diet. If there is no household waste, special feed will have to be purchased.
  • Pay attention to top dressing. Can be used: fish, bone meal, milk. Each chicken should be given 2 g of yeast once a day. From 7 days of age, alfalfa or nettle are added to food. There should be clean water in the feeder. Chickens should be full enough.

  • Feeding broilers is recommended according to the regulations.
  • It is important to monitor the conditions of detention. The room should be clean, with the right temperature, optimal size. Pay attention to gas contamination. The coop should be aired periodically.

Make sure that the bird moves as little as possible. Larger weights are shown in caged chickens.

Broiler growing

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