Sunberry: useful properties, cooking and recipes

Sunberry: useful properties, cooking and recipes

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Sunberry is still a little-known berry on our sites. But her modest attempts to take her place under our sun promises to be successful. There are many admirers of this plant, and the number of gardeners who decorate their plants with this berry is growing before our eyes.

Sunberry or Sambury - History and Origin

Sunberry is an annual blueberry. Unlike black nightshade, this plant reaches a height of up to 1.5 m and has larger berries (the size of small cherries).

Quite often you can hear how this plant is called the "berry of the sun", another well-established name - Canadian blueberries. However, the latter name is easily explainable: in Canada and America, sunberry gained great popularity.

Otherwise, it is called as a sunberry (which translates as a berry of the sun), but in our area the name with the prefix "myself" has taken root, more familiar by ear.

This breeder plant was bred by Luther Burbank, the ancestors of the plant have African roots. This explains the high yield and comfort of care - the berry is unpretentious, it is not difficult to grow it.

Sunberry: description, features

Visually, the berry looks like blueberries. There are several varieties of the fetus, depending on which you can talk about size. Sometimes a berry is smaller than blueberries, but sometimes it is indistinguishable in size from its "relative". Size can reach the size of cherries.

But here is her main charm! One bush of blueberries will give a maximum of 100 g of berries, but a sunberry can yield a yield of 10-12 liters from the bush. For this reason, gardeners are interested in its growth on the site.

The plant adapts perfectly to our climate - in central Russia, its cultivation does not cause problems. It tolerates winter well and even in adverse years is ready for a large harvest.

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Useful properties and contraindications for sunbury berries

Sunberry is a berry that can take its place in a home medicine cabinet. In the sense that its healing properties are represented in large numbers.

  • It is responsible for youth and beauty, thanks to the high content of pectin, a substance that perfectly removes poisons and toxins.
  • The anti-aging properties of the berry are explained by a high content of antioxidants.
  • It is considered an excellent diuretic.
  • Helps with eczema (recommended in a mix with a raw egg);
  • Effective in seborrhea and psoriasis.
  • Promotes healing of wounds (including purulent ones), skin ulcers and various abscesses.
  • The berry is also useful for gastritis, rheumatism, osteochondrosis.
  • It is believed that sunberry jam facilitates the manifestation of epilepsy.

And this, of course, is not the whole list! Still such useful qualities, berries as help with headaches, visual impairments, hypertension, will complement the list.

It is believed that five berries a month will be enough to keep the pressure normal.

And this plant also contains silver, which, as you know, serves as a kind of shield for infections. Jam from berries in the amount of five spoons per month will help cleanse the body of toxins.

Planting and propagation of the plant, when to collect

Sunberry can be called a relative of physalis, tomato and sweet pepper. Therefore, the seedlings of this berry are prepared in the same way as for tomato, and the planting takes place at the same time. For the quickest growth of seeds, they need to be planted in squares measuring 70 by 70. Experienced gardeners do not advise tying stems. True, you can use props, if not yet ripe berries are pulled down.

It is interesting that the berries grow until the end of autumn, but it is recommended to remove the inflorescences in October. This approach guarantees an enviable harvest.

Seed collection and planting are annual. The berries ripen for a long time, but the bushes are unpretentious in care, and the harvest is always good.

Harvesting berries for the winter is not difficult, just a bush is hung upside down and it dries.

The site where the berry will grow is considered correct, mixed with forest sod and soil, this will be the most fertile area for sunberry. And here are a few more tricks that will tell you how to grow a berry:

  • neighbors in the plot for this berry are pumpkin and / or cucumbers, but next to cabbage it is not necessary to plant, it can negatively affect the crop;
  • seeds of a berry are best planted in a swollen form: mix river sand with seeds, pour into a container, shake it, the peel from the seeds will peel off, and it will be easier for them to absorb water;
  • for seeds, it is better to select large berries from multiple brushes.

You can also learn about the rules for planting gooseberries.

Healing recipes: cooking and photo

If you make a list of recipes where the best properties of the berry are most fully revealed, it will look like this:

Elixir of Longevity

Grind the berries in a meat grinder, pass through cheesecloth. Proportionally bred with water. Five kilograms of honey is introduced into the diluted juice in an amount of five liters. It is stored in a bank, in the refrigerator (it is possible in the cellar). Take 1-2 tbsp. spoons before meals.

Migraine Remedy

Stalks of berries (directly with leaves and fruits) are placed in a pan. It is poured with all three liters of water and brought to a boil over low heat. It is filtered, cooled. With this broth, you need to wash your hair first time every day, then two days later, then less often (until the pain subsides). The broth should be fresh all the time, then its useful qualities will work.

Jam without boiling - a universal remedy

1 kg of a mixture of berries and apples-ranetki + 1 kg of sugar, everything is passed through a meat grinder. This jam can be eaten after five hours. Make sure sugar is completely dissolved. 100 g per day is enough for consumption.

Jam is the best addition to tea

The berries are crushed, and 0.9 kg of sugar is taken per 1 kg of sunberry. Boiled once until cooked. Delicate, special taste guaranteed.

Antianginal agent

One part of the juice of berries in three parts of water - gargle with this composition with angina.

But these recipes can be supplemented by a dozen others, because they make caviar from these berries and marinade. You can also learn about the peculiarities of the cultivation and use of iregi.

So, sunberry is a berry, which by all its characteristics is considered one of the most promising. Easy care, a large and guaranteed crop, a pleasant taste and many healing properties - these are attractive qualities of the plant.

Try it yourself, good choice!

Sunberry seedlings (video)

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