The most beautiful flowers: a riot of colors and shapes

The most beautiful flowers: a riot of colors and shapes

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In the world there are about 270 thousand species of flowers. It is impossible to say unequivocally which of them are the most beautiful. But there are a number of absolutely amazing plants, we’ll talk about them.

African Daisy

Of the exotic flowers, the most beautiful can be called an African daisy. She looks very unusual due to her shape. The core has a bright blue color with a splash of yellow.

Petals are rolled up into tubes. Their color is purple-pink. At the ends they are deployed, which resembles a spoon.

Cape Daisy is an African daisy. In Russia, such a flower is considered very rare.

Dreamy sakura

Sakura is all associated with Japan. When flowers appear on a tree, it becomes like a large pink and white cloud. People come to see this amazing phenomenon from all over the world. The tree blooms for only one week. Entire festivals are held in his honor.

Alien Passiflora

Plants refers to passionstones. The unique structure of the flower makes passiloflora unique.

It grows in Latin America, where species diversity has more than 500 names.

Graceful rose

For many women, the most beautiful flowers are roses. This plant is quite ancient. About him mention the annals of ancient Persia.

According to some reports, the rose existed even before the appearance of man. According to others, it was brought from China to Europe. The flower has more than 30 thousand varieties. It symbolizes nobility, fidelity and love.

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The most beautiful flowers in the world

Fairytale Center

Despite its sad popular nickname "broken heart", such a flower looks very attractive. The plant resembles a small heart, chopped in half.

The dicenter blooms beautifully too. Above the openwork leaves appear arched brush. At the same time, a white drop peeps out of the heart, it resembles a tear. The color of the plant can be raspberry, purple, pale pink, as well as white.

Fascinating blue watershed

A graceful flower is associated with the world of elves and fairies. The catchment is fragile, its color is blue, blue, pale lilac. The flower has a few more names: aquilegia blue, flower of the elves.

Aquilegia is growing in Colorado. In the wild, it can be found in forests and meadows.

Solar lanthanum

Lantana - a plant that lives in the tropical latitudes of Africa and America. Dense flowering - with umbrella inflorescences. Despite its attractive appearance, in the homeland of the plant it is called the "curse of the planters." The fact is that lanthanum occupies the territory very quickly.

The most beautiful flowers of this variety belong to the Verbena family. There are approximately 150 species of plants. In height, shrubs and herbaceous plants reach from 0.5 to 2 meters.

The aroma of the flower is sweetish. But it is worth remembering the poisonous fruits! The flower feels great at home.

The largest flower in the world

Protea Flower

Protea's flower resembles an artichoke in appearance. The plant is one of the most beautiful natural phenomena. It grows in Africa. Despite the fact that there are more than 70 genera of flowers, the Royal Protea is considered the most popular. Since the 70s of the 20th century, the flower was chosen as the national flower of South Africa.

Colorful dendrobium

This kind of orchid like dendrobium looks attractive. At the moment, there are more than 1200 species of plants.

Orchids grow in several countries:

  • East, Southeast and South Asia;
  • New Zealand;
  • Philippines;
  • Solomon islands;
  • Borneo
  • New Guinea;
  • Australia.

The name of the genus came from two words - bios ("life") and dendron ("tree"). It turns out that in translation the genus of orchids sounds like "living on trees." Orchid has a variety of colors and shapes.

The stem is grassy, ​​several flowers. Flowering takes 2-3 weeks.

Romantic psychotria sublime

This charming tropical flower has a rich red color. But the most delight is the structure of the flower, resembling the puffy lips of a young lady. It belongs to the Marenov family (Rubiaceae). The climate of Russia is too severe for this plant, however, when creating the appropriate microclimate, it can be safely grown in a home greenhouse or make it a unique pearl of the winter garden.

Aristocratic callas

It is worth noting such a popular plant in our country as calla lilies. It belongs to the Aronnikov family. Calla marsh grows on the banks of rivers and reservoirs.

Countries where you can see plants in their natural habitat:

  • USA;
  • Alaska;
  • France;
  • Norway;
  • Canada.

Calla is the epitome of grace and elegance. There are not only white, but also very beautiful colored species. The main distinguishing feature of the plant is its unique flower shape, resembling a goblet. It is worth noting that, despite its beauty, calla lilies are poisonous to cats and dogs. Often plants are used to decorate wedding bouquets.

Strelitzia or Paradise Flower

Strelitzia is found only in South Africa. The multi-colored flower looks very original. The clan was named after Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Queen of Great Britain. For attractive appearance, unofficially the flower was called the Bird of Paradise.

Each flower is beautiful in its own way, and to say for sure which one looks most attractive will fail. However, there are a number of plants that surprise us with an interesting color or unique shape, clearly distinguishing themselves from other flowers.

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