What fertilizers must be applied in the spring so that wisteria gives new shoots

What fertilizers must be applied in the spring so that wisteria gives new shoots

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We received a question from Irina: “In the spring of this year I planted Wisteria, it took root well, and now it is wintering. What fertilizers need to be applied in the spring so that wisteria gives new shoots. She planted her in the past, but she died. Is it necessary to prepare this plant for winter? ”


Of course, wisteria needs preparation for the winter period, especially for young plants. And the application of fertilizers allows this plant to become a luxurious decoration of the site.

Winter preparations

Wisteria, especially young plants, needs shelter for the winter. For this, it is necessary to untie the young shoots from the support and lay them on the ground. Shelter itself occurs with agrofibre, coniferous spruce branches or dry leaves. It is also recommended to plant about two buckets of soil on the roots of the plant. For a three-year plant, the need for shelter disappears. If you live in a cold region, it is better to give preference to wisteria floribunda. The specified variety is considered the most frost-resistant of all. Some plants can tolerate frosts down to -20 degrees. Flowering occurs from May to June.

How to prune wisteria

Types of fertilizers

In order for the plant to develop rapidly in the spring, fertilizing with organic fertilizers should be carried out:

  • wood ash;
  • chicken droppings;
  • eggshell;
  • manure.

Then, mineral fertilizers are applied. That is, mineral and organic dressings should be alternated. For example, first you can use the mullein infusion, then the Kemira Lux mineral fertilizer, well, and then use the chalk solution.

It is also worth carrying out fertilizing with fertilizers intended for fruit trees. For abundant flowering, do not forget to prune the shoots. If you saw that the leaves of Wisteria turned yellow - make the introduction of iron salts under the root of the plant. Then the problem will disappear.

also advises you to read the article "Wisteria: how to care for a magnificent vine."

When is it best to start fertilizing? The optimal time is March, during the period when the first leaves appear on the plant. It is important to occasionally irrigate wisteria. At first it is made occasionally until the threat of frost recedes.

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