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How to grow thuja from cuttings

How to grow thuja from cuttings

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Two months ago, planted thuja cuttings in the sand. In early September, sprouted cuttings, planted in separate pots. While standing on the terrace. What to do next? In what conditions to keep in the winter? When can I transplant in open ground?


In winter, all plants fall into a special vegetative period associated with wintering and do not disturb it. If there are no special frosts on the terrace, then you can keep it on the terrace. But since you have already transplanted them into pots, it is better to transfer them to the cellar, there they will winter, and in the spring you will transplant them. I understand that you are not going to grow as indoor plants, you dug in vain, you just had to cover them with fallen leaves. So they would winter, and in the spring they still need to be transplanted. But it’s okay and wintered in pots.

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