Preparing for the winter in the country: useful tips

Preparing for the winter in the country: useful tips

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It's never too late to talk about winter, because this period is tolerated by the cottage is quite difficult. Therefore, with the approaching cold season, we begin to think about what should be the preparation for winter in the country. Useful tips from our experts will definitely help you!

We decided to prepare for winter in advance and now tell you about what you need to do in the fall, so that in the first frosts you will not be in a problem situation. Of course, such articles appear on the site every year, but we are constantly evolving, and therefore always new and even more practical tips get into the material.

Our experts make entire sets of recommendations for country residents, and if you carefully follow the publications, you know that there are thematic materials about each season. Today it is only about winter, or rather about how to prepare for frost and snow in the country!

Logging in the country

A little about the banal, but very necessary. Firewood and other types of fuel should not be forgotten, even if you are not going to winter in the country. Sometimes, after all, you will still visit the summer cottage, for example, for winter pruning of trees, for checking and sorting the crop, or just to enjoy the winter beauty and remember the summer around the barbecue grill. Therefore, firewood is necessary, if not for cooking in the fresh air, then for heating the house for a day or two, while you are doing useful business on the weekend.

It is worth taking care of dry wood, with which you will not need to bother in the winter. Firewood should be chopped and stacked in the proper place or brought into the barn. If you stock up with quality firewood, then the heat from the stove, the aroma of dishes from the barbecue or a pleasant evening near the fireplace is guaranteed for you!

Logging can occur in different ways. It can be trees that are cut down in the autumn, branches after cleaning the garden, harvesting firewood from the forest or forest belt, where an ax and a chainsaw will help in the work, well, or just buying firewood, if it is not possible to build serious reserves on your own.

Country tanks and water

Water problems in the country feel every third summer resident. It’s good for those who have a well, a well or a constant centralized water supply, but in cooperatives with the usual six hundredths, it often happens that the water is supplied on schedule only in the fall several times a week, and is completely switched off for the winter. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare drinking water, because in the cold season we will come to the cottage, and the water will come in handy.

This is about the preparation of water, but there are other points associated with it, for example, the possibility of freezing water in containers on the street and freezing due to this barrels, tanks and cans. If water in these containers is not needed, it is better to store them dry so as not to get broken tanks next spring. If there is no possibility to drain the water, then you need to protect the water from freezing. You can do this by simply placing a log, a thick branch, or even an old shovel stalk in the container. There is also a way to throw empty swirling plastic bottles with weights or polystyrene into the container. Many people use chemistry, but this method can be dangerous, because in chemistry you need to understand and understand what composition the water will be in spring.

This applies to the storage of water ... what about such containers as in a summer shower, then it is necessary to drain the water from there, and it is also advisable to remove the shower head for the winter. In the spring, everything falls into place and works great.

Preparing for the winter vegetable stores

Cellars and pantries, about which we spoke just a few articles ago, require mandatory preparation before the cold period. In the last sunny days, it is necessary to have time to dry the storage well, open the doors wide and, after cleaning, leave the storage for a day, or even two, for ventilation. At the same time, disinfect walls, floors, ceilings, storage doors, as well as all its racks and drawers.

Do not forget about vegetables and fruits, which would not hurt to sort out at such an opportunity. Those fruits that seem slightly spoiled, it is better to remove from the cellar or pantry, then you need to store only a high-quality crop. But do not forget that for this it is necessary to observe the storage conditions.

Weed cleaning

It is very important to fight weeds on time. In addition to the fact that they are removed from the soil surface throughout the entire warm season, those that are ready to scatter the seeds in late autumn should also be destroyed. In addition, weeds are often carriers of diseases, rodents and insect pests overwinter in heaps of mowed plants, and therefore this must be prevented.

Bring the weeds to heaps, dry them for several days and just burn them at any convenient moment. This method of weed control is the most correct and effective.

Pruning shrubs and flowers

Many flowers have already faded and turned into dried and not quite beautiful stems. As well as shrubs, on which branches are already observed, died in the summer heat. Unnecessary plants can be harvested both at the beginning and in the middle of autumn in order to maximally clean the area of ​​dead wood, which breaks and spreads over the surface of the soil of the garden and vegetable garden. You can even make a similar cleaning of the summer cottage along with the destruction of weeds in order to kill two birds with one stone (be sure to use a high-quality tool for this).

Digging a site

Many summer residents argue about whether it is worth digging a plot for the winter. We have repeatedly talked about this topic, and also found out the advantages and disadvantages of digging the site, and therefore today is not about that. At the moment, we are just considering the need to process the garden, flower beds and palisade in the event that you are a supporter of digging.

It is necessary to thoroughly clean the soil of weeds, as we already mentioned above, sharpen the inventory with the previously proposed methods, take gloves and shoes more comfortable, and literally in one or two bring the job to the end.

Yes, right now or closer to the end of autumn, but not at the moment when the first frosts strike, otherwise a lot of forces and energy will be required, and indeed, the work may not be completed.

Soil fertilizer in the winter

Approximately with the previous processes - cleaning and digging, it is necessary to make fertilizers in the soil. During the spring and summer, she gave almost all the useful elements to the plants that we grew, and therefore the earth needs recharge. To tell you the truth, not even the land itself, namely the cultures that we will be planting next spring.

Use organic fertilizers, complex, mineral fertilizers and fertilizers of your own preparation, but carefully standardize them and be sure to adhere to the rules for fertilizing the soil. It is very important to know not only the name of the fertilizer and the amount that needs to be applied, but also the compliance of these standards with the plants that will be grown at this place.

Protection of soil and plants from frost

A fairly difficult task for beginners, and just a laborious process for experienced summer residents. We all understand how important it is to protect existing plants from severe frosts, and therefore no one will deny that grapes, young apple trees, as well as many other trees and shrubs need to be dug up or wrapped before winter. At the very beginning of autumn, this should not be done, as during the period of warming before winter, but with the first frosts, many plants will require heat. Try to make the shelters correct so that the inside is warm, but the air circulation also remains. Otherwise, warming can also destroy plants if, due to the concentration of moisture inside the shelter, numerous plant diseases settle for which a favorable environment will be created there.

Regarding soil insulation, it is up to you. If you think this is necessary, you can use special plants - green manure. In addition, mulch or even organic fertilizer is used, due to which the earth warms up a little from the inside. We do not give unambiguous advice only for the reason that everyone has their own opinion on soil warming, as well as on digging in the winter or applying fertilizers during this period.

Anti-vandal protection of a summer residence

Yes, that’s exactly what we will call this section of the article, because in the winter, when there are fewer people in the dachas, bipedal pests become active, who like to take everything that is lying wrong ... and even if it is lying right, it can still be carried away by such attackers.

First of all, remove from the site all the metal posts that served as supports, disassemble the nets for cucumbers and supports for tall tomatoes, try to bring and lock the armature, metal corners and everything else that thieves can carry away.

Next, inspect the summer cottage, maybe there was an ax near the woodcutter, behind the barn you left a rake and a shovel, another tool that you just used to work. Of course, nobody will come and pick it up right away, but here you will leave for a couple of weeks, the neighbors will leave, and the one who immediately enriches himself on your mistakes and inattention will appear on the territory.

It is very important to remove all appliances from the street, especially if you leave the cottage for a long time. In late autumn and winter, this often happens, summer residents leave for months, and upon arrival they discover loss and loss. We are talking about shower faucets and watering cans, faucets on street washbasins, water meters that are definitely not needed on the street in winter, expensive lamps in the gazebos and in the yard, insect and rodent repellents, other devices and equipment that can easily be twisted and carried away. Make sure that the attackers do not get your goods, or provide the cottage with high-quality protection.

Warming of country houses

We talked a lot about the insulation of the house and the garage, other buildings and even doors separately, and therefore we recommend reading thematic articles and choosing for yourself really useful information that will help ensure maximum energy saving.

It is clear that far from every year this process may be needed, it is enough and once to warm your house or other buildings, and if the insulation is of good quality, it will be warm inside, and heating costs will be significantly reduced. It is also clear that not everyone will warm the house or garage for the winter, but this is necessary for those summer residents who often visit their site in the cold or, in general, live there in the winter.

Heating appliances preparation

This section is just on the topic of winter and its severe colds. We want to talk about heaters and their preparation. Not about the choice, as we already considered heaters for summer cottages, and found really the best options for patios, outdoor arbors and covered verandas, as well as for the country house itself. It is very good when you choose a high-quality heating device and use it in an already insulated building, because the effectiveness of such heating increases significantly.

Warming and heaters are a good topic for the winter, but it is important to pay attention to the stoves, as many of the houses still have old, stove heating. Yes, the system itself may be a little outdated, but this does not mean that it has lost quality, because if you heat the stove, it will even be hot in the house.

But for the stove to work well, pay attention to its condition in advance. It is real that a simple repair is needed to ensure maximum performance. Also, a clean chimney will help to function correctly and efficiently, and therefore we clean soot in the fall. At the same time, we check how correctly the stove was prepared for the heating season.

Tips for preparing a summer cottage for winter are almost inexhaustible, but we can’t talk on the same topic all the time, because in the country there are enough other troubles. Therefore, today we are completing our collection of tips and wish you productive work.

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Preparing a summer cottage for the winter season is a necessary job, which can not be abandoned. Take care of your own plot and house today, so that next spring the cottage will again please you with warmth and coziness, comfort and harvest!

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