Chinese-style garden: a landscape embodiment of Oriental philosophy

Chinese-style garden: a landscape embodiment of Oriental philosophy

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Chinese culture is marked by the seal of antiquity, originality and famous originality. Landscaping can be safely called one of the manifestations of Chinese culture, which fully reflected all its features. In the culture of the Celestial Empire, a special role is played by the teachings of Feng Shui, in which philosophy and everyday life are harmoniously combined. In relation to the Chinese garden, the influence of feng shui is expressed in creating harmony between the elements of air, water, land, as well as plants, hills, plains and, of course, man. The arrangement of the garden territory, according to Feng Shui, is a reflection of the spiritual organization of its owner, is a kind of projection of its inner world.

Philosophy in the device of the green zone

The Chinese garden is most often a landscape garden in which each architectural element has its own symbolic meaning. A feature of the green zone can be called the hierarchy characteristic of it, the relationship of subordination between the individual elements, with the necessary balance and harmony in the spirit of Feng Shui.

A garden with a Celestial mood is the result of the efforts of man and nature, while man-made elements (buildings, sculptures, architectural forms of small sizes) surprisingly harmoniously become landscape elements, so artificial is sometimes not so easy to distinguish from natural.

Mood concept

In the garden, created according to Chinese philosophy, there is always a pronounced center in the form of a dominant composition, and the remaining elements are located around it. Although kindergartens in this style have a single concept, but there are many interesting branches. One of them is called "laughing gardens". They are distinguished by saturated colors, a wide color palette. Moreover, even such elements as buildings, paths, alleys are made in bright colors.

In terms of philosophy and art, “Laughing Gardens” are opposed to “menacing”, which are a reflection of the formidable power of unbridled elements. Their peculiar beauty and harmony is expressed in the form of twisted trees, overthrowing with a roar of waterfalls, stone blocks, ready to collapse at any moment.

"Idyllic Garden" is another type of emotional state of the Chinese garden. All elements of the composition fulfill the task of reigning tranquility and peace of mind, which is facilitated by soft colors, the pacific expanse of the pond, on an island in which you can retire in a cozy arbor. It is noteworthy that all three of the above moods may be present in one green zone.

The Chinese style of landscape design is not afraid to play with space. A great illustration of such a game is the "picture in the frame", when through a curly hole in the wall you can observe a strictly defined stylistically finished, self-sufficient part of the territory, and the visual essence of this can only be seen through this "frame" hole.

Cemetery in the Celestial style

Typical garden elements

It is difficult to imagine a Chinese-style garden territory without buildings in the form of small architectural forms - pagoda arbors, viewing platforms, from where it is best to admire the landscape and observe the harmony of its elements among themselves. A curly or ordinary wall surrounding the kindergarten is also one of the characteristic features.

Paths and paths in the Chinese garden are not peculiar to lie in straight lines.

Landscaping in China is used to dealing with spacious areas; it takes large areas to realize all the designs. It is worth considering that the transformation of a garden plot in a similar style will require a large amount of work.

Chinese style garden design

Plant selection

In China, breeding work has always been at a high level, many of the cultivated varieties of flowers were endowed with their own symbolic meanings and influence on the formation of a favorable environment in Feng Shui. Plants, according to landscape designers of the Middle Kingdom, create not just beauty, but something uniquely beautiful. Flowers for the Chinese kindergarten are chosen externally spectacular and at the same time sophisticated. There should not be too many of them, greens often planted around so that the complex picture gives the impression of sophistication.

In the Chinese garden, you can usually see peonies, bulbous, climbing roses, different types of beautifully flowering fruit trees.

Chinese arbor

The Chinese style in the landscape is free of frills, it valued plots on which several types of flowers, herbs, trees grow, there are ponds, rock gardens, decorative gardens. And be sure to live in such a green zone representatives of the animal world, it can be swans or decorative breeds of fish in the pond, cranes, peacocks. You can read an article about the features of the design of the site in the country style.

Celestial garden garden solutions (photo)

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